Sunday, September 4, 2011

What Was I thinking??????

I had a serious lapse in judgement last weekend! I was trying to hurry and get to a couple of sales, and I was looking for furniture for the booth. I came up on an old oak curved glass china cabinet...It had glue residue from tape all over the glass-which I later found out only one panel was glass-the other two were plexi.

It is in really rough shape. Too rough for my limited abilities. I'm going to put it on Craigslist and hope to get back what I paid for it-although I can't imagine anyone being as crazy as I was to buy it!!

What do you think? Would you have bought it? I know it's not Wednesday yet, but I saw this again today in the barn and felt sick to my stomach that I bought it, and decided to try to get rid of it right away.


  1. Rats I just erased my comment!

    We all make purchases we regret, don't beat yourself over this. Good luck in finding a new home for it.

  2. I think it looks salvageable, but like it would be LOTS of work! It's also too bad that two of the panels were plexiglass. I think you'll find someone on Craigslist who will want it...

  3. Don't worry too much - maybe someone who can replace the glass will take it, it's still a pretty shape. I frequently wonder what I was thinking with thrifted least they're usually cheap!

  4. We've all been there! I don't think it looks that horrendous. I'm sure you'll get some interest.

  5. I spent $30 on it, so hopefully someone will like it at least $30 worth! I keep thinking about how far $30 would go toward vintage Pyrex or vintage and learn I guess!