Saturday, September 10, 2011

Guess where I'm going tomorrow???

Greenmead's Fall Flea Market!!! I'll be getting a late start since it is also "Launch" Sunday for the new year in Student Ministries at church (which is also my work). I assist 3 youth directors, and we are planning on having about 400 people at our launch! It's a really great time to gather parents and students together to worship together and pray for the new year. They also get to sign up for fall retreats at a discounted price, get a free t-shirt, and they can get their permission slips notarized for the entire year's worth of trips and activities all at one time!

So, by the time that is all done, I'll be leaving for Greenmead around 11:45 or 12. Kevin and/or Eric, may or may not go this time-remember last fall when Kevin bought all that enamelware? He still has it all. It's on an upper shelf is his woodworking shop in the barn all on display. I may even end up on my own...if something better comes up for them to do.

I also have another reason to be excited! I am meeting a blogging buddy (Jeri) and her daughter! We're meeting at the hot dog stand-how fun will that be to meet up at such a fun flea market!?!? Can't wait!!! Are you going to Greenmead tomorrow? You can join us-we're meeting between 1 and 1:30. I'll have my red granny cart and I'll be wearing a distressed red t-shirt that says CSM.

Had a nice day with family today. Saying farewell to our nephew who is leaving in 3 days for boot camp for the Coast Guard. Too tired to drag the camera out to show you what my sister-in-law picked for me-that will have to wait til tomorrow! She threw in a few extras that she picked up at another sale too! She actually had fun picking-even though antiques are not really her thing.

We stopped at Sonic on the way home tonight and Eric got a pumpkin pie shake....YUMMMM! Even though we still haven't gotten over them discontinuing the banana cream pie shake...this is pretty awesome! I tried a little sip...mmmmm!

I'm off to catch up on what you've been doing and finding! Hope you are all having a great weekend so far!!!

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  1. Have a good time. A girl's day out is the best. Hope you find all kinds of goodies.