Thursday, September 22, 2011

Great End to a Busy Week!

It was gorgeous today! Everything was discombobulated around our house since Adam's car decided to die yesterday. Eric drove me to work on his way to school and since I had mega hours in at work, I only worked a few hours this morning to get the essentials done-so that meant Kevin had to come pick me up.

He wasn't game for any sales, but was more than agreeable for me to take his car. I've never really had to stop and think before if something was going to fit in my car when I've been out treasure seeking. Today I did-and I didn't like it!! I missed out on an awesome dresser at the last day of an estate sale! Oh well, I got enough other good things that I can let it go. Today just reinforces in my mind, at least, that I'm keeping my granny car (Buick Rendezvous)  until it turns belly up.!

I stopped at a few sales, two of them being estate sales. One was in it's last day. I must have read the ad wrong, because I thought it was the first day. Imagine my delight when I walked up the driveway and on their sign it said "50% off Day"! I got a bunch of linens & doilies, a vintage Christmas candle light, the copper s & p shakers, the felt Christmas stockings & angel, a Pyrex cookbook, and some older sheet music.

One ad said "dealers welcome". They didn't do a good job drawing you in from the descriptions in the ad, but when I saw those words, I figured it was worth a try. Boy, was I GLAD I went! I got two splash-proof Fire King mixing bowl-white with red polka dots!!! I've been watching these for years, on Ebay and at antique shops, and just drooling! They were always priced wayyy higher than my cheap wallet could afford. Today I got them for a steal! She actually took $12 off when I asked if she would go any lower! It was a "start the car quick" moment for sure!!!

I also picked up some more Pyrex bowls, a glass towel bar, a bag of yo-yo's (my very first!!!), some unfinished yo-yo's were also in the bag, and a spooner. I would have been happy with just the things I got at this sale--the other things just made it like the icing on the cake! Take a close look at the yo-yo thing that is out of the bag...what is it? It is open at one end, and it is just big enough to fit over my hand and arm and goes up to my elbow. It's too small to be a blender cover...not wide enough to be a toilet paper I just totally missing what it is? Are you laughing at me? :) Do you know what it is? Please tell!!

See the cake carrier on the left side? Black with painted doesn't have the bottom, so it was only ten cents!!! I got the bottles at a fundraiser sale a friend from church was having. She's raising money for a mission trip to Haiti. When I walked up she told me she had a set of old Pyrex bowls and thought of me, but one of her volunteers that helped set up snatched them up! Ha! If she would have only set them aside when she thought of me!

The last sale I stopped at was at a place near home that I had good luck at last summer, so I stopped again. Their prices were fifty cents or less for the most part. I got some crystal toothpick holders, a mini hobnail vase, some Osterizer jars, some plates to plant in my flower bed next spring, and some more sheet music!

Tomorrow evening there is an auction that might be interesting...I'm waiting to see if Auntie wants to check it out with me! I need to get stuff cleaned, and priced and into the booth at some point this weekend as well as normal weekly household chores and volleyball Saturday night...maybe I should skip the auction and do my chores---but what fun would that be? :)

Enough blabbbbbbing already! Here is what I got today!

Off to see what you've been up to this week! Hope you have a great weekend!!! What did you think of my Would you buy it Wednesday post this week?


  1. You got some great stuff! Isn't it nice that you got to use the car?

  2. Fantabulous finds! I love finding great stuff like that I love the Xmas stockings :)