Sunday, January 8, 2012

Playing Can Be Work Too!!

Today was a busy day! It was "Dealer Day" at the antiques and collectibles mall where I have my booth. Dealer Day, in case you haven't been reading my blog for a while, is when the mall owners open the doors for dealers only, the first Sunday of the month from 10am-noon. They put out a buffet spread, and have two drawings-one for a $20 mall gift certificate, and the other for $50 off the next month's rent.

It's a great chance to get into your booth to rearrange, dust, vacuum, straighten, or whatever! I waited until today to take out all of my Christmas junk stuff. I'm glad I waited, because I sold some more of it this week! I sold the headboard bench Kevin made yesterday so I needed to bring in something to fill it's spot, plus I had 3 giant bins of new junk treasures to add in.

One of the other dealers came over to me with a worried look on her face, and asked if I was moving out. I laughed and said no, just moving stuff around. It looked like a bomb went off in my booth for most of the 2 hours I was there! Kevin went with me, but he was soo worried about getting out to the car to sit and wait, he kept asking if we were done yet.

I asked him along because I knew I had a major amount of work to do, and knew I couldn't get it all done by myself. I should have left him home after I kept having to explain about presentation, and displaying things nicely and not just throwing them on any old shelf. I couldn't imagine being as impatient as he is. I think I'd have an ulcer from it!!

After I got home, I decided to play with some of my finds that I've decided to "foster" for a while. I bought them with the intention of selling them, but once I got them home, I fell in love with them and can't part with them just yet!

Part of the playing involved going to the upstairs part of our barn and hauling in a twin box springs (don't worry-I thoroughly checked for critters!) and putting the bed together, as well as moving the trundle bed around. While I was up there, I found the quilt my grandma made for us for a wedding gift (it was in a clear bag-not just laying around in the barn). I never really liked it (just didn't like the colors and the way she edged it) and never appreciated the time she put into it. I appreciate the time that went into it now but part of me wonders if she really made it herself, because up until them and ever since then, I have never seen her sew a thing!

She crocheted up until about 6 years ago when she starting having issues with dementia and couldn't remember how to do it. She did ceramics until about 10 years ago until she got tired of it (or maybe couldn't do it anymore), but I never, ever saw her sew. I wonder if she just bought it. I can't ask her because she is gone now, and I know my grandpa won't have a clue, so there's no point in asking him.

I never used it on our bed. It's mostly been in the basement in a storage bin, or in the barn (I didn't put it out there-I thought it was still in the basement). The quilt batting looks like it is dissolving or something. I looked it over to see if I could just remove the little triangles that it is edged with, but that would involve removing the whole back, and that's a task I am not up for right now. So, it will stay as is, but it won't stay in the barn. It's in the house on a spare bed in the basement family room/boys rec room/treasures pricing room.

I feel bad for not appreciating it when I got it, and for forgetting about it all these years! It's still not my favorite, but I appreciate the hours and hours that went into it. I could almost say I appreciate the love that went into it, but, 1. I'm not sure she even made it, and 2. If she did make it, it was for the attention/admiration of the ladies at my shower more than out of love for me. I don't think she ever learned how to love anyone other than herself throughout her whole life. I know is sounds mean, but I also knew her, and it's the truth.

So, Now I'm headed off the see what you've been up to this weekend. Hopefully there will be some good sales this coming week! I'm itching for a good hunt! Hope you have a great week!!!


  1. Nice work.You have share your personal experience to the people.One thing which having great respect to the people that is very clear that decoration is an important thing which a person done by his own hands.

  2. That wedding ring quilt is a lot of hard work - piecing so many small pieces accurately is tough. I do hope you eventually get it done (the edges) the way you like it and will use it.