Thursday, January 19, 2012

Like a moth to a flame...

I just can't seem to resist vintage linens! I have collected wayyy too many, and I have way to many for sale in my booth, but for some reason, I can't walk away! I'm keeping my eye out for my blog friend Deb, for a certain size and color in vintage tablecloths, but so far no luck! You should check out her blog Garage Sale Gal.

 I also am drawn to vintage thermoses...all because of this really cool blog I read called Monkeybox. Shara always has great finds, and great collections. You should stop by and check out her blog. I bet you'll put it on your follow list just like I did!

I went to a couple of sales after work today. One was so ridiculously priced, I'm still shaking my head! The prices made me say to myself--"Really? You've got to be kidding me! No wonder the house is still packed at 2:30! and I'm outta here!!!" Another sale had a really bad b.o. odor in the house (everywhere-ugh!) and everything felt sticky, icky, dirty. I'm glad I carry hand sanitizer in my car!!

I have a small list of things that I am always on the look-out for that friends have asked me to try to find for them, and it got me thinking...we all go to a lot of sales, why not keep an eye out for each other!?! Is there something you've been hunting for and you just can't find it? Is there one little elusive piece to a set that you are dying to complete? Are you kicking yourself for passing up that great whatchamacallit, because you haven't seen another one in years?

Maybe I can help!! Maybe we can help each other!! We could have a network group of thrift store, estate sale, garage sale, antique store bargain hunters-who could keep an eye out for each other!! What do you think?? I might see something at every sale I go to, but you can't seem to ever run across one where you live. What if we traded picker-for-hire services??

I've been thinking of starting a Wednesday blog party called "Wednesday Wishlist" where like-minded blog friends can post one thing that they are dying to find, along with a price range they are willing to pay (and a picture if you can find one) for all of us to keep our eyes peeled for, and if we find it, we could contact the person who posted it with what we paid for it, and how much shipping would be! What do you think??

I don't mean for it to be, oh, I bought it for $5, so I'll tell them I got it for $10 and then add in a couple bucks on the shipping. I want it to be, I got it for $5, it's yours for $5 plus actual shipping-from one treasure seeker to another, because it's a fun and rewarding (helping someone) thing to do!

Think about it, and let me know what you think! I would LOVE to be able to help someone finish up a set, or find that special something they've been looking for-forever!


  1. It still surprises me to see my name on another blog! Thanks for the blog love. I haven't found a thermos in awhile - I have plenty and I never set out to collect them, but well, you know how that goes.......:)

  2. I really like the idea of sharing our wishlists! It would SO increase the chances of all of us getting what we wish for. I keep a mental list of things I know people want, but sometimes my middle-aged memory fails me. It would be great if there could be a 'never-ending list' that people could just add to and I could print out. Something to ponder...