Friday, July 19, 2013

Encouraging Words Jar...

My mom read a blog post by Lisa TerKeurst about personalized scripture boxes and she shared it with me. She has been making these and giving them away ever since she read about them . . instead of glass boxes, she uses glass jars from the Dollar Store.

Today, I made a few for the first time and gave them away. I used Dollar Store jars, and used my Martha Stewart screen print stencil on it. I gave away four to the lovely ladies at our little tea party today. Each piece of folded paper had an encouraging scripture verse on it with that person's name inserted in the verse.

You can visit Lisa's blog here and use the verses she has gathered, or you can search for your own, verses that might be more personal to the person or the circumstances.

These jars won't need any stencils, a couple of them are already filled and ready to go!

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