Friday, May 15, 2015

Still Trying to Decide...

 So today was the big day. The first Springfield Extravaganza of the spring/summer treasure hunting season. Mr. and I left the house at 6am for the 3 1/2 hour drive to treasure hunting on steroids!!  When we left it poured. Driving wasn't fun in some areas-especially all those construction zones in Ohio. One thing that was better than the last time I visited was traffic control. Several police officers were on-hand to direct traffic and it seemed to run a lot smoother and quicker.

We had a pretty good parking spot for getting there as late as we did. I also remembered to set  my find my car app before we left the car so getting back to it was a lot easier. The last time I went, I think I wandered in circles at least 3 or 4 times trying to find my way to my car!

One of the first booth I saw was this one, They had all kinds of cement figures, but not a gnome to be found-sorry Auntie-I tried!

It was way more crowded today than it was the last time I visited!! I felt like I was swimming against the current in a sea with record waves and a really bad undertow!! So many booths to see, so many people to wade through to get to the treasures. I was really glad to get back to my quiet car (and the air conditioning) when it was time to leave.

There seemed to be a lot more industrial this time. I love a lot of the industrial look-but in small quantities. I'm not a super huge fan-I just like to accent with it here and there. I'd LOVE to get a double galvanized wash tub set with the base, and use it for flowers some day!

I'd love to get one of these for my mantle shelf. I wasn't sure what Mr. would think, so I didn't buy one. I thought I'd wait and ask him and then we could go back and get it. He was all for it, but by the time we caught back up with each other, we were both hot, tired and ready to leave. So we didn't get it this time. I would paint it and scuff it up. He said he would leave it rusty and crusty. What would you do??

This was a ginormous tent filled with all kinds of linens. I bought a few from this dealer on my last visit. I think she had a bargain table last year that wasn't there this year, because I never spend that much on tablecloths. They were gorgeous, and I could have fallen in love with several of them...

The flamingos pic is for Auntie. I didn't see the price, just thought you'd like to see them!

This awesome cabinet made my heart beat a little faster when I looked up and saw it!  I might have had a chance at bringing it home if I didn't have the corner cabinet from the M15 sale still sitting in the middle of my sun room, with no place to go.

This wheel just looks like so  much fun! It reminded me of the days when I used to be a special events planner for my job at my church. I used to run a yearly Harvest Festival where we had tons of games for kids to play. I made Mr. make all kinds of things for the games-this sure would have come in handy about 10 years ago!

I love this!! I immediately saw it over-flowing with all kinds of purple flowers!!

This was the first pass through. On the way out, there were only two stars left!! They weren't cheap either! What a clever idea this dealer had, and it paid off-big time!!

A barbed wire Christmas tree!!

This booth always causes serious drooling!! So much Pyrex! Too bad I have most of what I'm looking for, and the things I still need-I'm hoping to get super cheap. I may even participate in a local Pyrex trade in a couple of weeks, with some other Pyrexaholics in a facebook group that I'm part of. I'll be sure to take you along if I do participate.

These windchimes are just a different way to do it. I liked the looks of them.

This was lunch. A Texas Tenderloin deluxe. I have no idea what it is, or was. I was thinking of a shredded beef sandwich when I ordered it. This is what I got, and I got two of them-one for each of us! They were paper-thin, deep fried...and I have no idea if it was even meat! It was almost as big as the plate! There was a tomato slice, lettuce, mayo and pickle slices under there some where. Since it was so thin, we were able to fold it up and put it under the bun to eat. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't something I'd get again. Mr. agreed with me -we both are up for trying new things though.

I need a bigger house! I fell in love with this bench!!

 The Simpson's were in Springfield today!!

I'm on the hunt for a giant metal letter "T" for my mantle shelf-maybe a couple of them in differnt styles!!

I've been haunted by the glove forms that I walked away from a couple of summers ago, but not any more...these looked kind of creepy reaching out of the boxes like that. I'm happy with only one, now that I've seen this!

This ladder is way cool! Any ideas of why it looks the way it looks??

 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE--Mason jars in a shopping cart and the plant stand!!

Doll body parts...not gonna lie, they looked super creepy sitting out there all piled up in those crates!

Ginormouse lawn chair-that I only got half of in the pic.

Oh, My!! Love at fist sight!!

Fork and spoon garden art!!

I was pointing out the bottle trees to Mr, hinting that I'd like another one, and he pointed to the jar tree and said, "Look at that monstrosity"...I kinda love it!!
 By the time we walked the whole place, we were worn out, hot, sticky and tired, but we had one more stop to make before we could get on the road for home...we stopped at Heart of Ohio Antiques-just a little under 3 miles from the extravaganza.

This was the first booth I saw...

So much glassware eye-candy!! As I was making a lap in my final area to visit, I was about 15 feet away from a couple when I heard a giant crash and the gut-wrenching sound of shattering glass! Oh, I felt to bad for them. I have no idea what broke, but I could feel their pain!

I need to remind myself to get my stool out of the basement this summer and get it painted!!

This antique mall has the most vintage Fiesta I've ever seen in one mall-ever! There was another woman that I kept running into in the Fiesta booths-we both are collectors, and it was fun to be bumping into someone who "gets it"-if you know what I mean.

The ever elusive Harlequin relish tray...something I'd LOVE to own, but am content to finally see one in person. I got excited for a minute thinking I could "piece" a set together by buying the loose pieces...too steep for my wallet, but not out of the ballpark, for how rare they are.

So many different kinds of vintage glassware and pottery-this place goes on and on forever!!

LOTS of Jadeite too!! I'm on the hunt for the 5" swirl bowl...

This matches something I found for Auntie. Love that spaghetti look!
 Fire King, Sealtest cottage cheese dishes---I'd love to have that turquoise one in my collection...but I'm way to cheap I guess, because I left it there.

Talk about hyper-ventilating!!! WOW!!! So much happiness-in one place!!!

See those cream soups?? Two cobalts came home with me-my first cream soups! Uh, oh...I feel another collection coming on!

I would probably pass out if I ever was able to afford one of these babies!

So many years I turned my nose up at these bowls. I passed them up left and right. Guess what!?! Yep, now I think I want them!


This cart is awesome!!

These are  my treasures from this trip-all except the cream soups...somehow, I forgot to take a pic of them! This was from a tiny little booth across from the ginormous linen booth. This seller was cheaper,and she was willing to deal-SOLD!

A couple more hankies for my obsession collection. I'm going to have to pull out all of my state hankies and tablecloths and take an inventory to see what I have!

Same dealing, dealer as the first tablecloth-I have never seen this color combo before -LOVE!!

Vintage VERA!!! Never used!!! Not even double digits!! Less than ten dollars!!!

That's it. That's our day. Our ride home was much better, until we got to Ann Arbor-then we were stuck in traffic for about 15 minutes, It was a fun day. We enjoyed getting out, I'm still trying to decide if it was worth all of the driving and walking, and people, and heat, and sweat, and stickiness, and sunburn...for so little to bring back. Tomorrow, I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune, but for today, I'd say probably not. 

There weren't many good deals. A lot of dealers weren't willing to deal. It cost over 7 hours in drive time, (plus gas), and it was $12 to get in-each!!  I think I'll stick with Midland...which is oh, by the way, in two weeks!! See you soon Marie!! :)


  1. What a great post -- I feel like I've been there! It looks like it might be fun to go to and it's right in my (growing up) backyard.
    LOVE the orange & chartreuse tablecloth!

    1. You should go sometime! It's over twice the size of Midland, but I think their prices are higher. It's worth it for the adventure!!

  2. Thanks so much for so many photos. I wish we had a show like this within a few hours drive. Even when the prices are high, so much eye candy to see.

    Love your tablecloth finds. I'm a vintage tablecloth addict. :) Pam

    1. Hi Pam! My name is Kim, and I too am a vintage tablecloth addict! :) I can't seem to walk away when I see one for sale-especially if it is cheap!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. That's a steep admission price! Thanks for all the photos. I think your lunch was a chicken fried steak. We eat them with cream gravy. Looked silly with that small bun! (& I like the rust on the T you were looking at.) Thanks

    1. Chicken fried steak makes sense...I was expecting something totally different! Oh, well! Part of the adventure-right?? :)

  4. I live about 2 1/2 hours from Springfield, OH (I'm in Indianapolis) and I keep contemplating on driving out for this market. It looks like it was a lot of fun! Dunno if it would be worth my trip since I mostly buy to resell. I've also always wanted to go to the Heart of Ohio Antique Mall -- supposedly it's the biggest antique mall in the country?

    1. Hi Melissa! It is definitely worth a trip to check it out-there is so much to see!! I'd suggest going after noon on Friday to get the lower admission price. It's only $6 rather than $12. Some of the dealers were pretty reasonable. I could have picked up a few things if I was still activley reselling that I could have made some money on.Most of the high priced dealers were pretty easy to spot from a distance. I don't know if I will go again-3 1/2 hours is a long haul one way, but it was a fun adventure!

  5. This is quite possibly my favorite post from you EVER!! All the photos are amazing. I was almost hyperventilating too!!


    1. I was a little calmer this year. Last year, I was flat out drooling and hyperventilating!!! So much to see!!!