Saturday, May 2, 2015

Junk Overload!!

Today was another gorgeous Michigan day!! Miles of blue skies, lots of sun and a few puffy clouds here and there, and temperatures in the low 70's-perfect weather for more treasure hunting!!  This
morning, bright and early, Auntie and I took off for the same general area we were at yesterday, and instead of mega garage sales, we went to the Davisburg Antiques Festival. This is the second year for the festival, and it was (I would say), easily double what it was last May. Last May was very cold and rainy and there was mud everywhere! Big difference this year!!

We got there right around opening time, and decided to try a different strategy. Rather than follow the crowd, we hoofed it all the way to the back and worked our way forward. It definitely was much less crowded in the back than the front! We got to look at a lot of booths without anyone else around-which was very nice!!

We shopped for a couple of hours then headed back to the big sale at the Yellow Dog Antiques Market in Goodrich (former home of the Goodrich Flea Market), to pick up the corner cupboard that I bought yesterday. It was a touch too long for my car, and with all of our garage sale loot yesterday, it wouldn't fit. So today, we had Auntie's van, and it fit perfectly! Plus we had much less in the way of treasures than yesterday, so that helped a bit too!

By the time we left, cars were everywhere on M15! It was crazy!! There was even a car stopped in the road with people standing next to it talking to the driver-ignoring a whole line-up about a mile long behind them.

Before I went to the booth where I bought the corner cupboard, I stopped at another little booth that had vintage Fiesta mixing bowls. I was holding my breath that they might still have the very hard to find #7 bowl still from the day before. I think they literally heard my huge exhale as I walked up and saw it still sitting on their table! I was so relieved that it was still there!! I think it helped that it was the second day, because I got a really good deal on it today.

These past two days have been soo much fun!! I am just smiling all over-inside and out! I posted on my facebook page: You know you have a true friend when they put up with you two days in a row, drive 12+ miles totally in the wrong direction, in crazy stop and go traffic with people wandering out into the street to pick up something you just had to have... Then deliver it to your house because it's too big to fit in your own car!! Thanks Auntie!!!

By the time we were heading for home, we were both pretty exhausted and pretty much done with looking at and for treasures. It was a long couple of days of driving and walking, but we had lots of fun, lots of laughs, and we saw lots of fun things!!

Now, I'm off to put on a volleyball tournament and dinner potluck to end the season of our coed volleyball league. I'm tired and on junk overload, but I'm smiling, and so thankful for the fun past couple of days!!

Here are some pics of my day today...

This is what came home with me...

Sunday will literally be a day of rest in our house-at least for me! Once I get the laundry done and get the cake made for my oldest son's birthday-which is Monday. I hope you are having a great weekend-I sure am!!!


  1. What a great day! Love your finds, especially the green vase. Who is the maker on that one? Makes me ready to do the Worlds Longest Yard Sale this summer!


    1. Hi Linda! Both days were so much FUN!!! The green vase is vintage Fiesta! :) I'd LOVE to do the WLYS again-it's been 7 years since I did it. I'm happy Michigan has a few long sales like this one though!! :)

  2. Another fun day of shopping and talking! I like all the pictures you took -- I always get too busy shopping and forget to take pictures of the cool stuff I see.

  3. This looks like such a fun show! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures with us :-)

    Love the Fire King Sealtest bowls. I just started my collection of these and boy are they hard to find here!

    Have a wonderful week, Kim