Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lead Me... and Stepping into Sunlight...

I'm really loving the song Lead Me by Sanctus Real...scroll down on my playlist (#1) and give it a listen-I bet you like it too!

I just finished reading Stepping into Sunlight by Sharon is a picture and description from CBD (Christian Book Distributors) as to what the book is about:

After Penny Sullivan witnesses a shocking crime, even the routines of daily life become more than she can handle. But with her husband away at sea and a 7-year-old son depending on her, hiding isn't an option! So she formulates a restoration plan---do one kind thing for somebody every day. The healing results will surprise you!  

This book is very well written and it keeps you turning the pages to see how she is going to make it through every little thing that comes up-with God's help.

Yeah, it's a happy ending Christian fiction book, but it was one that I enjoyed-hope you like it too!

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