Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend Treasures...

Yesterday wasn't such a good day for garage sales or estate sales. There were a LOT less to choose from, and the majority of the ads were listing clothes and kids toys as the first items. I went to a few, and stopped in to browse at a local consignment store and only got a few little things.

This was from the consignment store-it was in great shape and has already found it's place!

This was the only garage sale find yesterday. It was 50¢ and I think it will look great planted in my flower bed!

These Fiesta cups and saucers were from the consignment store. They were on final mark-down with an additional 40% off so they were around $2.50 for each set. They aren't old. I've bought some just like these from them on final mark-down before and sold them for $7 for the set at my garage sale-so I though I'd try it again.

Today, Auntie and I went to the Community Garage Sale and Flea Market at Brighton High School-my only purchase was a little zippered wallet on a long cord that fits my cell phone and has a spot for cash-it was 10¢.

 The cord is too short to wear it around your neck (unless you prefer to carry your money and phone in your armpit), but it fits nicely in my front pocket, and I don't have to worry about dropping cash from my pocket if I take my phone out.

There were a LOT more vendors this year at the community sale, but there were also higher prices too. I'm thinking about renting space next year...

After that, we headed out to Royal Oak Parking Structure Antique and Garage Sale-and boy was it HOT! There was little breeze in the structure and we were dripping-everyone was (it got up to 89 degrees). There seemed to be a LOT more vendors today than there were 2 years ago when we went. It was hard to find any bargains though-everyone seemed to want top dollar for their items. I bought a tablecloth and a couple swanky swigs, and that was it. 

Check out Auntie's blog to see what her treasures were (be patient, she doesn't post as often as I do, but she promised to post about her adventures in Traverse City, so I am hoping she will post about the Royal Oak trip too). She got a VERY cool atomic lamp!

After I dropped Auntie off at her car, I decided to check out a "HUGE" sale in a neighboring community. I wish, I would have went yesterday!!! I saw the ad and because I got so frustrated with the slim pickings yesterday, I decided to skip that one (it was about 20 minutes away). Maybe I wouldn't have found as much yesterday for such good was fill a plastic shopping bag for $2 or a paper shopping bag for $5. 

I got some homemade tablecloths (card table size), because I like the fabric and hope to use it in a project soon, some napkins, a couple of embroidered towels (not old), and a couple of games for $2.  As I pulled up, I saw a man loading a paper bag into his car just filled with vintage Christmas ornaments! Bummer! 

A couple of games that looked like they might be fun.

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