Saturday, May 4, 2013

A whole LOT of driving!!!

Yesterday was a really long day of driving. We left home at 7:30 in the morning and went to Kalkaska/South Boardman for my grandpa's graveside service. The VFW post of Fife Lake did a superb job with the military service! My grandpa would have been so happy if he knew he was honored that way! I felt really bad that the American Legion post that he volunteered at for years and years, and was the commander for years and years, refused to do the service. Thankfully the Fife Lake chapter was more than willing to do it. Odd isn't it that he never had anything to do with that chapter, yet they took care of him...I can't express my gratitude to them enough!!

After the service, we went to a little restaurant called Yankee Boy for the luncheon. It is owned and operated by some of my family. Family that I haven't seen since I was little. It was so nice to have the luncheon there and to see them again!! They did a wonderful job with the food and the service-I hope I can stop in again sometime. I hear their homemade pies and onion rings are amazing...I should have tried them while I was there!!!

We had a wonderful time sitting with and chatting with my cousins, catching up on everything that has happened in the 8 or 9 years since we've seen each other. We only live about a half an hour away from each other, I am hoping we can get together more often, now that we've connected again.

By the time we got home last night, we were wiped out-how can sitting in a car make you so tired?? Good thing is was Friday-pizza night!

This morning, I woke up like a little kid ready for Christmas morning! Today was the M15 Community Yard Sale. Starting in Clarkston and extending all along M15 to Bay City-although, once you get to Vassar, it pretty much thins out and the sales are very few and far between, That is always the point where I turn and head for home, so I don't know if there are any sales past that or not...I might be missing out on the best sales, and not even know it!

I absolutely love this sale. It so reminds me of the World's Longest Yard Sale-but in a much smaller scale. Kevin rode along with me today, and he was the big winner as far as purchases go. He got a set of 15 wood turning tools for his lathe for $125. At least 4 of them in the box had individual price stickers on them from the original woodworking store for $131.95 EACH! So he got an amazing deal-especially since most of them have never even been used!

I piked up a few things here and there. It was fun to revisit all the fun sales I visited last year!! I even found the sale that had the metal children's shopping carts again, and they still had 4 left. I think last year they had around 10 or 12 and I only paid $10 for one, this year they were marked $25. I was so hoping they would be the same price, because I was going to pick up another one!

There was such a HUGE variety of things to look at-that is why I love this sale so much! Each sale had something different to offer and it was fun to see the tons and tons of people all garage saling together today.

It took us 45 minutes to get to our starting point, and by the time we were finished, we were only about an hour and 15 minutes from home-and we probably hit a good 30-40 sales, including a couple flea markets!!

I'd really LOVE to do the World's Longest Yard Sale again this year, we'll see...but for  now, I am thrilled that my wonderful state has the M15 sale and the M12 sale (in August). They both are wonderful sales to get your adrenaline pumping and your junk "fix" on.

I am typing this as I wait for my oldest's birthday cake to come out of the oven. He is 22 today! My how the time flies by!!! He is spending his day hanging out with his buddies doing what he wants to do-good for him!!

In less than an hour, I will be leaving to head to our volleyball tournament and potluck, I'm kinda worn out from all the driveways I hiked today, but I have to go because I'm running the tournament! It will be fun-it's our last night until mid September...almost bitter sweet-with everyone going their seperate ways for the summer! I always look forward to seeing everyone in the fall and catching up with them all!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!!! It is a little over 70 degrees, blue skies, lots of sunshine and a slight breeze-perfect day here in Michigan!!!

 Should I sell the frames separate? Or should I keep them with the mirrors? The mirrors are in pretty rough shape...

 I LOVE kiddie rockers,and I've lost track of how many I've sold in my booth-I'm always looking for something different or unique...this one is pretty awesome!

Kevin hit another jackpot for himself, a whole load of military canteens and a camelback military hydration bag. I got a little stool, a couple covered casseroles, an old tin, some kid leather gloves with gorgeous embroidery on them, a pile of hankies, some plates, an old embroidered dishtowel-picked it up for $2 at one sale, saw one very similar to it for $12! I also picked up a few vintage drinking glasses.

The BEST thing I got today??? A green Kitchen Kraft ceramic fork for $3!!!

I didn't fill the car like last year, but it was just as much fun "hunting" through all the driveways and parking lots-can't wait for next year!!!

Mark your calendar, Midland is less than a month away!!! Woo hoo!!!

Time to get the cake out of the oven and hit the road-have a great rest of the weekend! Tomorrow is Dealer Day-I'll be stocking my booth and re-organizing with a new theme...if I have enough energy tonight to put everything into bins for tomorrow morning!!! :)


  1. So sorry to hear about your grandpa. I'm glad he received the military service he deserved.

  2. I wish I had of know about the sale, I live right by there and I was looking for garage sales yesterday. Maybe next year!