Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Where to Begin....

I cannot believe how fast the days have been flying by! It is just crazy! I thought things were going to be slowing down since all of my volleyball leagues have ended for the summer. I thought I'd be gaining 4 extra nights to do projects, or read books, or relax...hasn't happened yet!

Our trip to Florida went really well. the flight to Atlanta and then the one to Melbourne was uneventful-just how you want things to be when you fly! I felt bad though, because by the time we got to my in-law's house, I had such a horrible migraine! I ended up going to bed really early-some company I was after not seeing them for 6 months!

We left their house at 6:15 am Thursday. Our first stop was Walmart to get a car charger for my new phone, and some snacks and beverages for the road trip. The next stop was the Big Peach Antique Mall in Byron, Georgia- a little over 6 hours away.

I was thrilled to find the  bowl I passed up in November still there (just in a different booth/location) and Kevin was thrilled to find the Kevlar helmet he passed up was still there also. It was a nice place to stretch our legs for a while. I'm looking forward to visiting there again sometime.

We drove all the way to Berea, Kentucky before we stopped for the night. It was a long, hot day (the air conditioner was broken in their van and it was 89 degrees all the way through Georgia and mid 80's until we stopped for the night.

By the time I went into the hotel to get our room for the night, my ears were ringing/echoing and I wasn't hearing very well from having the windows open and the air rushing in all day. Good thing the clerk at the desk was patient-I had such a hard time hearing what she had to say, and she had to repeat it a couple of times. We both laughed about it, but it really made me feel old!

The next day started off with our free breakfast at the hotel-what a treat! Omelets  waffles, sausage and all kinds of other stuff. I even grabbed a couple bananas for the road.

We stopped at Jeffrey's Antiques in Findlay, Ohio-another great place to spend some time stretching your legs! I didn't realize how close Jeffrey's is from my house-only about an hour and a half! I will be going more often!

I added a few new treasures to my collections, and I was thrilled to stumble upon a chartreuse harlequin service water pitcher. It was priced higher than I wanted to go, but I kept hearing the words from Mike and Frank from American Pickers...the time to buy something is when you see it...(or something like that).

I've never, ever seen one in person in all the years I've been collecting and the one I did see online went for a pretty penny, so after a little talking to myself, I brought it home! I've been afraid to put it out with everything going on around our house though.

We got home Friday afternoon around 3:30 and before we even got our suitcases out of the car, Kevin was ripping apart our bathroom! The new shower we ordered had come in the day before we left, and he was anxious to get going on it.

So, ever since we've been home, we've spent every spare minute working on our bathroom. We got the new shower in and one coat of grout, and today I tiled out floor, and picked out the new vanity, faucet, mirror and cabinet. Friday, we grouted the floor, did a second grout in the shower, fixed some drywall boo boos and painted the walls. Saturday, we painted a second coat, put the toilet back in and the new vanity, mirror, faucet, light fixture and towel bars. the sink gave us some fits, but it is all good now and I LOVE it all!!!

We've been sharing a bathroom with the boys for a week, and it is glaringly obvious that their bathroom needs to be redone almost worse than ours did. Sigh...I'm so ready to be done. Maybe that will be a fall job...

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  1. Hi Kim, You have been even busier than me! I'm so sorry to hear you suffer from migraines....I do too, and I feel your pain! I've had a lot of them this spring with the weather changes and rain in Michigan.

    You scored some cool things so far this spring, and your bathroom re-do looks great so far!