Friday, May 31, 2013

Chair Day!!

YAYYYY! Today was a normal Friday and I got to go to some sales!!! I shopped til the sky opened up with another rain deluge today and had a lot of fun doing it!

I started at a little church that I've always had good luck at, and it just so happens to be the church of a friend of mine from volleyball, and she was there working! I chatted with her for a few minutes and then got down to business. I was late getting there, but there was still a TON of stuff. I got a little yellow kiddie chair, two old wooden band boxes, and 3 chippy, awesome dining chairs (soon to have flower pots bursting out of the seats!).

I mapped out several sales to hit on the way home, and a good portion of them were sub sales. I usually find them to be hit or miss. If it is a sub with big, newer homes, I tend to scoot on by. But if it is a sub with older homes (and hopefully older people) then I'm screeching in!

Although, my theory was proven wrong today, at least to some extent. I went to a sub sale...of older homes...where I've had great finds before...and one sale had a bunch of kids stuff outside, but also a table of glassware, so I decided to stop.

The guy running the sale had to have been about 10 years younger than me, and he had some great vintage stuff! I got a yellow metal picnic basket-all rusty and crusty, a set of Squirt salt and pepper containers, an aluminum canister set, a pair of metal paper towel/foil caddys, and a set of glass (fork and spoon) salad servers.

I stopped at a few more sales and chairs seemed to be the theme of the day! I ended up with 2 more kiddie rockers, a Holly Hobby bed tray, a couple glass milk jugs (from yesterday actually), a couple of old canning jars (for a quarter each-for a craft project), a couple of Grandma's Garden quilt pillow shams, some Charlie Brown glasses, some cordial glasses, some Wylie E. Coyote and Bugs Bunny Glasses and a little sewing box with thread.

As I was heading to another sale, I got a text from my oldest son, asking if I'd like to meet for lunch! We had a wonderful lunch at one of my favorite places-Salsarita's!

The most I spent on any one thing today was $3. Everything seemed like $2 was the magic number-so I loaded my car floor to ceiling for less than $40...not bad at all!!

 There are 3 of these chairs, I could have had 5 total, but I chose the ones in best condition. Can you see the seats removed and a galvanized or porcelain bucket of flowers spilling out of the seat area? I can see dark purple wave petunias, vinca vines, verbena, and a big spike in the middle-I can't wait to get some planted!!!

 No story on these, they just seemed to call to me...

I can see a big clay pot of red geraniums on this little seat-can't you?

 I had a Holly Hobby room when I was growing up-complete with a Holly Hobby canopy bed!

 Is that a Bakelite handle??

 Square canning jars-LOVE!!!!

 I was drawn to the pattern/design and not so much the color combinations-I LOVE this pattern!! Fifty cents for both!!!

 Missing a piece, but that's and easy fix for Kevin, and $2 leaves room for a tidy little profit!

 Someone painted one of these, and left the other alone-should I have left them at the sale? Would you have picked them up?

 Look at this rusty, crusty metal picnic basket! I love the BBQ scene!!! The inside is in wayyy better condition than the outside! Would you have grabbed it for $2, or walked away?

 Squirt s&p shakers in the original box!

 Aluminum canister set!

 Glass fork and spoon salad set!

 Wooden spools of thread in a nifty little plastic thread box!

 There are actually 6 of these little cordial glasses, all in different colors with a "Korea" tag on the bottom of a few of them...

A set of 5 Camp Snoopy glasses and 2 Wylie E. Coyote, 1 Bugs Bunny and one Mouse (can't remember his name!!!) glasses.

As we were leaving lunch, it started pouring so I gave up on the last three stops on my list and ran a couple of errands instead.


  1. You had a great shopping day! Love the picnic basket and I definitely would have taken the two towel holders (even the painted one). Great finds!

  2. Get out of here! I have a collection of metal picnic baskets and yes I totally would have bought that one for $2. The graphics on it look so cute!!