Saturday, June 1, 2013

Filled Up and Ready for June!!

Tomorrow is Dealer Day, but I won't be there, so I decided to run up to my booth today to change out my display and clean and organize it for the month. I was worried it might be a risky thing to do on a Saturday, but it was really slow, and the shoppers that were there, waded in amongst my mess and looked at what they wanted to look at anyway.

I changed out the yellow/green summer theme to a red, white and blue picnic theme-mostly red and white though. I forgot my vacuum at home so I didn't vacuum, and that really bothers me. I'll have to take another trip to take care of that sometime this week after work.

I won't be at July's Dealer Day either, so that is why I went with a picnic/patriotic theme. I'll be on vacation in the U.P. hanging out at my parents, and taking little day trips soaking in the fresh air and Upper Peninsula beauty.