Saturday, June 8, 2013

Oops! A little too tall...

I got this lamp yesterday for $2 and it looked pretty close to what I had in mind for a lamp project I found online. I was really thrilled with the price and how heavy this thing is. I was holding my breath that it would's too tall! But, it gives me goosebumps at how close it is to what I pictured in my head!

If the harp was shorter or the lamp base shorter, it would look a lot better. At least now I can show Kevin what I need him to turn on his lathe for me. I have a white metal cake dome with red roses that I want to make into a lamp next!


  1. Cool looking the cake dome the shade? I love it.

    1. YES! The shade is the cake dome-I can't wait to find the perfect base! I'm hoping to find one rather than have Kevin go to all the work of turning one on his lathe.

  2. I have that exact same project pinned onto my Projects board on Pinterest. It's such a cute idea!