Friday, June 7, 2013

Treasure Hunting for a Friend...

My friend Bonnie's daughter is getting married a the end of July. The reception is going to be in a barn and she would like to have vintage china plates-all different for the tableware. When she was over last Tuesday for volleyball, I was able to find some mix and match plates among my junk treasures and I was able to help her out with a few more place settings.

Today, while I was out and about, I stopped at several sales, and wouldn't you know it...only 2 sales had old china! One place, my first stop of the day was the lucky stop because I got her some great dinner and dessert plates for fifty cents each for the dinner plates and a quarter each for the dessert plates.

The only other place I stopped that had china wanted $12 a plate!!! I had to really control myself and not outright laugh when the lady told me her price! I just smiled and kept on walking. Do you ever notice when you are actually looking for something-you have the hardest time finding it, but when you aren't looking for it, it is at every sale you go to?

I've seen china at so many sales already this year, that I was sure I could put a big pile of them in my car for her today. Oh, well...more things to search for! The only stipulations on the china are that it can't be all white, and it has to be a dollar or less per piece. Oh, and we have 155 place settings to flatware. I LOVE a good challenge!

Despite not finding much to help Bonnie out, I did manage to load up my car with LOTS more junk treasures for the booth. I also squeezed in a manicure-something I haven't done in so many years, I can't tell you the last time. I usually keep my nails really short for volleyball, but since I only play on Tuesday nights now, and I have a wedding to go to next Saturday, I've been growing them out a bit. It feels really awkward, and they really aren't long at all-barely over my fingertips.

Did you get out to any sales today? I left the house expecting upper 60's lower 70's for the day and right now it is just hitting 55 degrees! Hope it's warmer where  you're at, and I hope you got some good junk today!!!

Here is what came home with me...

 All of these plates were $4.50 total and will go to Bonnie for her daughter's wedding.

 My car was pretty full, although I didn't do a good job packing, so if I had found more things, I could have re-packed it. I would have made it fit!

 My blog friend Shara over at Monkeybox has gotten me hooked on blow molds!

 Needs some TLC and paint, but it was a good deal, and I have had a LOT of success with benches.

 Not sure about was at a charity sale-would you have picked it up?

 Another charity sale it was a quarter.

 Crusty, rusty Christmas tin.

 I LOVE this poinsettia tray! 

 Yes, I bought a set of old wooden crutches...for another project I have in mind.

 Here is today's loot...I got the hangers for free for buying some vintage wrapping paper. I quickly got rid of the green lampshade-the lamp might work for a project I have in mind. The mirror has wooden pegs under the shelf-so after a coat of some neutral paint-it will look a whole lot nicer-especially since it only cost $2. Three half aprons and some cake topper pieces round out the whole lot.

Here is the quilt un-folded.


  1. Oh, you DID do well on those pretty plates.
    Our neighbourhood yard sale is tomorrow... about 30 houses....I shall be selling so I hope the weather improves a bit

  2. I was just reading along enjoying your friends and then I saw you had a friend named Shara and I stopped and said, "SHE knows another SHARA?" Ha! It's me! I'm a dork sometimes. Love the blowmolds. What a fun challenge to find all those dishes!

  3. Those plates are lovely -- they should 'make' the tables. Good haul today!

  4. That plate hunting project sounds like FUN!! Love the blow molds. I found a couple myself on Friday.

    Off to our first ever auction today. Stay tuned...