Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Summer of Quilts!!!

WOW!!! I went to a sale late in the day today and hit the jackpot!!! It was at an estate liquidation company. They were having a flea market in the driveway of older estate items that have been around their shop for a while.

I was actually looking for more plates for my friend, and while the guy running the sale was trying to figure a price for a pile of 6 plates, I held up the wedding ring quilt top and asked how much-he said $1!!! Then I held up the other, finished quilt and he said $1!!!

I couldn't get the plates for less than a dollar each, so I passed on them and paid for my quilts and left-$2.12 for two amazing, hand-stitched quilts-one topper and one completely finished-SWEET!!!

This summer is turning into quilt summer! I'm not really looking to buy more, but when they are a buck, I can't walk away! One summer was trunk summer-I ended up with 8 trunks that year, and another year was vintage tablecloth summer. Before I weeded some out, and took them to the booth, I had 58 tablecloths.

Unfortunately, I think I've replaced the tablecloths that I took out and sold and then some. I even picked one up today for fifty cents! I'll show that tomorrow-I just have one quick minute to show my quilts.

Somebody pinch me! I still can't believe I got these both for a dollar each! Lucy approves too!

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