Monday, June 3, 2013

Greenmead, oh how I love your flea market!!!

I wish the Greenmead flea market was once a month in the summer instead of just twice for the whole summer! I love seeing what everyone is selling. I love people watching, and I love finding fun treasures to bring home!

It was a wonderful day weather-wise for a flea market too! It was a touch windy, but other than that, it was perfect! Kevin went with me, and he didn't find anything, so he got antsy to go. Then that turned into crabby, so I hustled through in record time.

I'm sure I missed a ton of stuff because I was trying to shop, yet keep him happy by going quickly. I did get a few treasures, but sadly missed seeing my friends Anne and Marie.

Here is what I brought home...

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  1. You did pretty good even if you did have to rush! Our Flea Market stinks here! Wish we had a good one to go to.