Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring is in the air!

It was a bright sunshiney day today! It got up to 67 degrees! The birds were chirping, trees budding, and some flowers were popping up out of the ground. I took a walk around the yard to check things out, and this is what I found...



 Crimson King Maple.

 Magnolia tree- an anniversary gift from my grandma.

 Iris-from my mom and grandma!

 Chives-from a sweet friend from church!
 Too bad the flower bed fairy, didn't do a very good job cleaning last fall!

 The view from my favorite place in my yard-my hammock!
Looking forward to seeing the leaves blanket the sky above me!

 Phlox-from my mom!

 My great-grandma's peonies are coming back-YAY!!!

Found this under some pine trees, it's been there all winter!

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