Saturday, April 13, 2013

My booth...all ready to go for the month of April

Last Sunday was dealer day again at the mall where my booth is. Dealer Day is always the first Sunday of the month from 10am-noon. They open for dealers only to go in to restock, organize and clean their booths without being in the way of customers.

The first Sunday of the month is also communion Sunday at church, so by the time we get to the booth, it's 10:30 and I really have to hustle to get everything done. Sometimes I run over til about 12:30, and by then the place is usually full of shoppers, and if you are in your booth, they usually don't venture in too far to shop. So, I put a lot of pressure on myself to be out as quickly as possible so they can get in and buy stuff.

Every month I do a whole new display on my main table, and try to shuffle stuff around from shelf to shelf, side to side, to make it look fresh and new. It is a LOT of work to have a new theme each month, but my sales have been up since I started this, so as long as sales are up, I'll keep changing things around.

I scurried around like crazy to get everything done, and just as I finished vacuuming (I hate the carpet in my booth-it shows every speck of dirt, salt, and whatever!) and was about to take pictures of the finished product, a couple came into my booth talking about my enamel top table and chair set and my dresser.

Part of me was whining inside "awwww....I just finished putting it all together!", and part of me was happy that I was still there to re-organize things so  that I didn't have to try to squeeze in a trip during the week between work, meetings, volleyball and taking care of my family.

In the end, they only bought the table and chairs. So, it was pretty easy to rearrange stuff and it didn't require a return trip with more furniture to fill the space. I wish they would have bought the dresser! It's been in there for about 6 months. It belongs to my parents and they wanted me to sell it for them. It is taking up a LOT of space. They are fine now with me just marking it down to sell it. They bought it about 40 years ago at a garage sale, and paid less than $20, and their main objective is to get rid of it, so they said just get rid of it.

I did a baby theme, with lots of blues and pinks for this month. Some of the stuff in the picture is already gone. It went that first day, because it was the last day of the mall-wide sale. I've sold a few things since the sale ended, but it sure is slow (as it usually is after a sale) right now!

Here is what it looked like when I left...

Kevin was snapping pictures for me, and I didn't realize he was snapping away when I walked into the shot! The bottom picture is where the table used to be. I think I'll move the dresser to that spot when I go in again.  Can you see my sweet little vacuum propped up in the lower left corner of the top picture? It's a stick vac and it comes apart to become a little hand vac. It is awesome! Very easy to take back and forth, and it works 100 times better than the vacuum the mall provides.

I haven't come up with any theme ideas yet for May...any suggestions?


  1. Replies
    1. If you ever make it to Michigan Ann, let me know-I'll come and shop with you!!! :)

  2. WOW, your booth is FULL!!! Looking good!
    We have monthly "potlucks" after the shop closes to clean, restock and visit! It's nice to meet the other dealers!
    I'm going with a "garden" theme later this month. I don't have a lot of stuff, but they will get the idea!

    1. Potlucks at the end are a good idea too! Our mall owners provide the food for dealer day, so I'm sure it gets expensive for them. Post pictures of your garden theme-I'd love to see it!!!

  3. I like that cream mirror hanging on the wall in the second picture; I need one like that. :o)

    I can't find the post where I asked you before about the teal and clear ?lids? that where on your window seal, so I am not sure if you replied already, if so, sorry. Could you respond on Facebook and tell what they are for or what they came off of, please.
    Rachel E.

    1. Hi Rachel!
      I posted a link on my facebook page for you! They aren't lids, they are glass insulators. I picked up 2 more yesterday for a quarter each!! :)