Sunday, April 14, 2013

Second visit and a pile of picked vintage goodness!!

After church today, I decided to take a trip to the first estate sale to see if anything was left. Kevin went with me so he could go to Harbor Freight. We got there between 1 and 1:30, and there was barely anything left! I was shocked! The house was pretty much emptied out!

I found a fun little metal cabinet in one of the bedroom closets, and since it was half off, I wrestled it out of the tiny closet, out of the bedroom and to the check-out line. Then I had to go back to the bedroom, and pick up the little pile of dishes and tins I left on the closet shelf so I could grab the cabinet!

Thankfully, no one who went into the bedroom and looked in the closet was interested in my little stash and it was still there. On the way out, I found two fold up chairs that were part of a card table set for $2 each, so I grabbed them too!

As I was in line, I saw a huge stack of folding chairs folded up and leaning against the wall with a SOLD sign on them. In the stack was another chair that matched the two I already had. Then I noticed the 4th chair was at the check out table and the worker running check out was sitting on it!

I got my hopes up that I could talk the person with the sold sign out of the one mismatched chair, but he wouldn't budge! Who in the world would want a ton of mint green folding chairs and one black one? Well, he got it, because I wasn't going to argue with him over a $2 chair-let him have it. So, I only bought the two.

When we went to Harbor Freight, Kevin went to shop there and I went a few doors down and walked around Walmart. It was a really weird and different experience. 95% of the ladies in the store (other than employees) were wearing burquas. I had forgotten that I'd experienced the same thing the last time we went to this particular Harbor Freight & Walmart.

I felt really self-conscious, almost like I shouldn't be there without a head covering. Probably similar to what a lone person might feel if they were in a store with 95% of the people not wearing a head cover.

We had a fun evening visit with Kevin's sister and her husband. They stopped by to bring me the stash of goodies that she had picked up for me when she was my picker. She got me all kinds of vintage goodies!!!

Here is what I picked up at the estate sale on my second visit

Here's a better shot of the pink chairs that I got the day before.

This bucket is from the day before too.

Here are the goodies my SIL picked up for me...

Fourteen half aprons!!

Eight crocheted hot pads & ten hankies!

 Vintage creamer pitcher, and cookbook!

 LOVE the bottle-this is going to live here for a while! 

 A couple of vintage lawn chairs in excellent condition, a kiddie chair and side table.

Vintage tv trays in near mint condition!


  1. Wow! You really got some great stuff. I'm just salivating over the aprons, potholders, and hankies! Loving those pink chairs too!

  2. Your s-i-l bought all those things? WOW- what a great picker she is! Of course, the hankies and aprons are my fans. But, I also love the TV trays!

  3. The TV trays omggg! Love them to pieces! I would eat dinner on those trays wearing all 14 of those beautiful aprons hehehe