Wednesday, April 24, 2013

An Amazing Looking Sale...

This morning my good junkin buddy Auntie and I took off for an adventure! We were headed to a sale that looked amazing! There were over 200 pictures on the ad. It said nothing newer than 1970, most stuff from 50's.

We left at 7:15 in the morning for what should have been a little over a 45 minute drive. With the rain/sleet mix, and heavy rush hour traffic, we ended up driving for 80 minutes!!! When we finally arrived, we were #72 and #73. Neither one of us has ever gotten that high of a number at an estate sale before!

We sat in the car for a while, but when we saw the line start moving at a pretty good clip, we decided to brave the elements and stand in line. I'm so glad we did!!! We ran into another junkin buddy, Jennifer, who also has a booth in our mall. I felt bad for her when I ran into her later in the house. A woman in line without a number cut in front of her and got in-making Jennifer wait another 7-8 minutes.

It was the same woman standing with Auntie and I in line who told me she drove over 100 miles to be at this sale and she was going in, even if she had to get in front of someone with a number---nice-huh? She failed to follow instructions, so everyone who did, had to pay by waiting longer to get in-what a charm bomb!

The house was packed! Even with 70 some people shopping ahead of us! Some stuff was ridiculously low, some stuff was just right, and some stuff was way too high. I kind of felt like Goldilocks, typing that last sentence. We missed out on most of the stuff that I saw in the pictures, but we each still found a bag full of junk to bring home.

After the sale, we went to a friend from work's mom's house to help tie up the last loose ends for tomorrow's estate sale. I am thrilled to say-we have everything priced, sorted, organized and ready to go!!

I am hoping for big crowds to help them get rid of everything in the two days of the sale! If you are in Michigan and near Novi area, c'mon over and make sure you say "Hi"-I'll be at the check-out table both days!! Most everything is half off on Friday. Lots of women's clothes in excellent condition, blankets, towels, pictures, knick knacks, furniture, dishes, tools, fishing poles, everything you can imagine!

I had to stop in at work to do a couple computer things on the way home, and when I got home there was a note on the counter..."Mom, please take dinner to Adam at work tonight. I have his car." My text to Eric asking where his truck was, was answered, "stuck in the mud." Yep, found it, in the right front corner of our yard, with a big mud hole that used to be grass.

When I asked him why he was driving in the yard when it was so wet and soft out, he said he didn't think it would be that soft...sigh...teenage boys don't always think things through do they? Gotta love them! So, now I have to run something up to Adam's work for his dinner...and I don't even feel like making anything after our long day today! What a bad mom I am!

I've never shopped at an estate sale on a Wednesday before. Can you believe I did not miss work at all today--not one tiny little bit! I could get used to doing my own thing like this!

Here are the things that came home with me today...

A couple more buckets for flower planting! 

 A couple Honey Whip jars-with lids, and a B.C. mug.

 I am giddy over this little bowl and shot glass-too cute!!!

 Hello, my name is Kim, and I am addicted to crocheted hot pads!

 This is one giant loop of fabric-I think it would have been used in one of those old hand dryer things that you pulled down for a dry section each time you used it...what do you think? I hasn't been used.

 I bought one of these glasses last year and a carafe with a lid, now I can sell them all as a set! Yes, that is a lime Pyrex casserole! :)

 This jarts set, was rescued from the trash at my friend's mom's house. I pulled it out of a box of trash, priced it, then decided I wanted to buy it! Her husband thought it was trash!!! Silly man!

She saved a yardstick for me-it goes with the other two I found in the trash there the last time I went over to work on pricing stuff for the sale. I think she and her husband don't know what to think of me-digging stuff out the the trash like I have been doing! LOL! One man's junk...

Tomorrow I get to sleep in, I don't have to leave home until about 8:15 or so to get to the house where the sale is that I am helping with. It's really only 20 minutes away, but with rush hour traffic, I'm sure it will take 40.

If you think about it, and if you are a praying person, please pray for my friend Linda tomorrow. This is really hard on her-selling her mom's stuff. She has had so much going on in the past year. Breast cancer diagnosis, surgery and treatments (all clear now and good news on tests done yesterday-all clear there as well!), her mom passing suddenly/quickly at Christmas time, and now her oldest daughter going in for surgery soon. All on top of this estate sale and selling the house.

We've suggested she hang out in the basement while the sale is going on, because the basement is where the things are that she is least attached to, or has the least memories of. I  hope she will be willing to spend the day down there-so she doesn't see the vultures swooping in to snatch up all of her parent's things. I worry about her heart getting hurt watching people rip through everything without a care.

So if you come to the sale, make sure you introduce yourself-I'd LOVE to meet you!!!

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  1. Great stuff you got there! And yes I think that loop of fabric is from an old hand dryer. Too bad they didnt have the whole dryer, I would have bought it for sure! And let me say I am seething at work right now. There were 2 amazing estate sales today that started at 8am. The same time I have to be at work! Ugh! I almost called in to say I had a flat haha Dont need that bad karma though :)