Thursday, April 11, 2013

Could this be a dream come true???

Yesterday I was involved in a conversation that led to wondering if I'd be interested in being a picker for someone who collects and sells antique (true antique) linens! Uh---yeahhhhh! How fun!!! The big problem...they want me to come up with the terms.

I have no idea!!! I tried Google-ing it, thinking someone out there has probably been a picker for hire before and has posted something about it-right?!? NOPE! Couldn't find a thing!

H -E - L - P!!! Any ideas as to what would be a reasonable fee? Would you charge a percentage of the sale price once the item sold? A flat rate like an hourly rate? Would you sell the item to them at a mark up from what you bought it for?

Some of her linens sell for big bucks-like thousands of dollars. I doubt I'd find that kind of inventory in Michigan...could I even be a decent picker just staying in my state? Could this be my excuse to do the World's Longest Yard Sale again??? I think it might be!!!

What do you think??? Any, and I do mean any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!


  1. I'm so sorry that your beloved Grandpa has passed on...
    Very nice score at the sad estate sale! Love all your hankies and linens.
    I don't have any advise on being a "picker"...thinking I would charge per hour and then sell her the items with a small profit for yourself...

  2. I know a couple of pickers.....they usually come to me a couple of times per month ( or twice a year in one case) and ask for a set sum for what they have. ....I think I negotiated that. Over the years we have come to work well together.
    you should ask for a mark-up that you feel comfortable with and not think about what they will get.

  3. This whole venture would be a major dilemma for me! I would be a terrible picker for hire because I would want to keep everything!

    But, if I had to choose how to go about payment, I would sell at my cost plus a percentage mark up.

    So sorry to hear about your grandpa. Mine has been gone a year already and I still miss him terribly.

    Have a wonderful weekend!