Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sad Reason for a Sale...

I went to a sale Saturday morning. It was close to home. It was the home of a former dealer/collector. I almost talked myself out of going because it was the home of a former dealer-usually those sales are ridiculously over-priced. Since I was up and dressed and ready to go, I decided to give it a shot.

I arrived at 8:20. The sale started at 9:00. I was #34! There weren't many cars outside of the house, I later found out they put the numbers out the night before and people took numbers and didn't have to get there early. Too bad for them, they pushed it too close, and weren't there when their number was called-but good for me!!! There were probably about 8-10 people who missed their numbers being called.

The guy running the sale made an announcement on the front porch before he started calling numbers. He told us the house was the home of a very dear friend of his, who had chronic back pain and she went and got a steroid shot for the pain. Unfortunately, the shot was contaminated with bacteria and she ended up with Meningitis, and she couldn't fight it and died from it. How sad!!! I wonder if her family is involved in the lawsuit...

I got it pretty quickly even though it was a small house. I took off on my normal route, kitchen first, then basement, then bedrooms, then whatever else (unless I've seen something in particular in a photo and determine what room it is in, I usually keep this routine for all sales).

I think I was the only person looking at vintage dish towels, hankies and scarves-I pretty much got my pick, until some ladies started moving in to see what I was stuffing my bag with-lol! I was done digging by the time they wandered in to see what I was getting. I got lots (19) of vintage dishtowels, 4 Vera scarves, hotpads, and a couple of pillowcase sets too.

I got a giant basket to use for a quilt-I plan to roll the quilt, kind of like a cinnamon roll, and stand it up in the basket. I've been looking for a basket this size for a while, and $2 was just the right price! I'll have to remove the nasty, ripped up liner, but hopefully that will be an easy job.

It was an old house with very steep steps to the basement and attic. The people running the sale did a great job of spreading out things in all the rooms, so there was a little of everything in everyone room, except 2 which were mostly all books. The prices were pretty reasonable for the most part, but every once in a while there was something with a crazy price.

Here is what I picked up...
 Folding, tilting wooden bed or lap tray.

 The big pile of awesome-ness!

 2 sets of vintage pink pillowcases-never used.

 LOVE these plastic butter dishes!

 19 dish towels and a flamingo pink Pyrex square baking dish.

 Metal trash can, a few drinking glasses and a pair of shorts hot pads.

 4 Vera scarves.

 15 hankies-good thing because I sold a ton of them today!

7 hot pads.

 LOVE this little stool-Eric already tried to get it for himself!

This liner was so dried out it was brittle. It came off quite easily-now to get a quilt rolled up!

I'll be heading over to your blogs soon to catch up on what you've been doing-hope you are having a great weekend!!! The forecast here in Michigan is calling for upper 40's and low 50's this week-woo hooo!!!

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  1. How were you able to carry that all out of there? Amazing finds. I like your estate sale route. I usually hit the basement first or second and I'm usually alone. In my opinion, that's where the good stuff is.

    1. Hi Pam!
      I carried all the linens and the bed tray in my giant Marshall's bag, over my shoulder. Then I had the trash can in the basket and carried the stool-all of it in one trip to the car! I was pretty proud of myself for getting it all in one trip!

      As I was at the check-out table an older lady came up, while I was pulling the last of my items out of my bag to be charged for them, and she started going through my stack of dish towels.

      She flipped through about half the stack commenting on them, and acted like she was going to take some! I said "uh, excuse me, those are mine!" She dropped them like a hot potato! She had no clue it was the check-out table, she just saw what she wanted-so I almost lost some of my stash!

      The cashier and I had a good chuckle over that one-she thought the lady was with me because of how she was flipping through my "stuff".

      I find a lot of ladies don't like the basement. I've found some of my best treasures in basements!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Good haul....I also picked up that green giant polka dot Vera scarf last week.
    Also with you on the hankies...can't get enough of them.

  3. Awesome! I especially love the little red stool. I look vintage linen. I went to an estate yesterday and saw some beeeeutiful glassware, all of which were waaaay out of my $5 budget! I saw a quilt that was to die for for $110--uuuuggh. One of my friends went earlie and snagged a couple of pieces of ironstone for less than $1. Now that's my kind of find! Glad you had a great time with great finds.

  4. I would have picked up the exact same things! Great, great finds!

  5. Love those dish towels! Awesome!
    Great finds! Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo Carly