Sunday, September 5, 2010

Do you track your antiquing adventures?

Whenever I visit an antique shop for the first time, I come home and mark it on my big laminated Michigan map and I log it into an excel spreadsheet. Usually it isn't the instant I get home, but sometime within a couple of days of my trip, so I don't forget the details!

 This map is about 2'x3' and I got it laminated so that when I need to change a location from want to visit to "visited" I can just wipe the permanent marker off with a little rubbing alcohol and it's ready to mark for the new status. As you can see, I've got a lot of treasure seeking adventures just waiting to happen. Michigan is an awesome state for so many reasons, and we are really lucky to have so many wonderful antique shops to enjoy ourselves in!

Here is my excel spreadsheet. I am in the process of updating it for the trip yesterday. I started this, because I got so frustrated with the lack of information out there on antique shops, flea markets, antique shows, etc.

Do you keep track of where you've visited? How do you track your treasure seeking adventures?

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