Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dusting and Rearranging...

Since I've had so much time off from work, and no volleyball matches, I've been really busy cleaning, dusting and organizing! I have several large bags and boxes of stuff for a garage sale-hopefully in May sometime, and I've thinned out my own private "foster dishes", and have decided to let a few go to new homes.

It really wasn't all that bad to dust it all, and it makes me smile all more widely when I see how everything sparkles and shines! I played around with moving things around and made some new designs. In a couple of months when I can't stand the dust anymore, I'll rearrange some more, but for now, I like how it looks!!

 Hoping to add a set of gooseberry Pyrex refrigerator dishes to this collection hoard.

 Looking forward to adding the center to the top relish tray.

 Just need the #7 and this mixing bowl set is complete!

 Mixing the old with the new.

 Looking for a few more Federal daisy bowls and a few more sealtest cottage cheese bowls.

I've fostered the head vases long enough. They'll be going to the booth soon.
I can't get rid of the cart yet. I bought it to sell, but I fell in love with it!

I have filled a giant garbage bag full of linens for the garage sale, another one that needs to have the stains soaked out of the items and a third one that just needs to be ironed and taken to the booth. The next step is to clean the basement...maybe tomorrow. 

Have a safe and Happy New Year!!!


  1. Omigosh! This is a crazy amazing collection. I have been reading your blog for sometime and had no idea the enormity of your collection. I am in awe. Happy New Year!

  2. Oh what lovelies! I don't think you've shared all of these at one time before, have you? If so, I've never seen them. What a great collection. I'm in envy!


  3. WOW-WEE... that is SOME collection!!!

  4. Your collection is AMAZING! I've been around when you've gotten a few of those things, but never realized how extensive it is. Good for you!