Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday, October 17, 2015

I'm still here! The past couple of weeks have been catch-up/busy schedule/get ready for fall and colder temperatures! Cleaning up the yard, putting away summer clothes, bringing out winter clothes-that kind of stuff.

I also spent several hours in the past two weeks at a local tire a flat...found out tires were desperately low on tread, but the good news is they had a tread wear warranty, so I got a huge discount and got 4 new tires and a new rim, because the tire that was flat, had a cracked rim. Luckily I found out about the soon to be flat when I pulled into my garage after work, and heard a hissing sound.

I quickly backed out and jacked the car up, and got the flat off, but the spare hoist was rusted so bad from being under the car and being almost 10 years old that I couldn't get it off. My guys had to cut the cable to get it off-good thing my friend Christy didn't mind picking me up and dropping me off after our volleyball game that night!! It must have been a good luck thing, because our team won all 5 games that night!!

This Wednesday, as my other teammate Becky and I were coming home from our game, we heard a loud POP and then a hissing sound while we were driving on 96-just past the Novi Rd exit. We got safely to the shoulder, but trying to explain to AAA where we were was a nightmare! The dispatcher couldn't find Novi Rd. She kept asking if we were in Waxum (it's pronounced Wixom), or a million other places, but not where we were. It took about 15-20 minutes for her to get an idea of where we might be-and she was predicting another hour before a tow truck could make it to us.

I hate waiting when I can do something about it. So, I jumped out and got the jack set up and the spare out, when a big truck with tons of lights pulled up behind us. Becky got out and started walking toward the driver's door. I was right behind her with the jack handle, ready to defend her and I if need be. Luckily, it was MDOT. He told me to put away my little jack-he had a real one-LOL. Approaching a strange vehicle at 9:00 at night on the side of the expressway wasn't the smartest thing we could have done-that's for sure!

He was really nice and professional to us old ladies in our shorts, flip flops and volleyball shirts...I guess it's time to start dragging along a jacket and sweatpants!! Just an FYI-if you life in Michigan and you get a flat or run out of gas, all you need to do is call 911, tell them it isn't an emergency, but you need MDOT Courtesy Patrol, and they'll send someone out to you. We didn't know that. He saw us from the other side of the freeway, and came back around to help us. He told us the Courtesy Patrol dispatcher is in the same room as the 911 dispatcher (in that area), and that we should tell everyone to use them-that's what they are there for!

So, after another trip to the tire place for a repair, a trip to U of M Ann Arbor for a diagnostic Mammogram, (which was scary because they found two spots that required more films that were more painful, and then an ultrasound-but everything is a-ok...just a couple tiny cysts-whew!) this week was finally over!

Yesterday, my youngest and I went to Grosse Pointe Shores and toured the Edsel and Eleanor Ford house. It was really interesting. I was sooo bummed that I couldn't take pictures indoors!!! They said it slowed the tour down too much to allow for photos. :( I did get lots of outside shots, and I'm hoping to go back soon for the behind the scenes tour so I can see the servants quarters, and some hidden rooms. My guy sure earned some big brownie points for going with me!! I paid him back with lunch at Culver's and wandering around the new Menard's in Wixom.

Here are some pics of the past couple of weeks...

We had a staff  potluck/gender reveal party at work for a co-worker couple who are expecting their first

This little beauty found it's way to my house

 Found the Vintage Charm Pyrex display at our local Corningware store

This set came home with me.

A local barn sale at a dealer's home-everything was too pricey for me, but it was fun to look

 The welcome center/gift shop area

They have 3000 feet of lake frontage

Look at the tree trunk!

Pool house

you can float in the pool while looking out at the lake

Christmas lights hanging from the trees

The is a real house with a functioning kitchen and bathroom. One bedroom and a living room-all scaled to a 7 year old girl. It was a gift to Josephine from her grandmother. It was fun to watch my 6'5 son bend down and squeeze through the doorways as we toured this little gem.

The front gate/entrance

Entrance to the playhouse look how little the door is
 Another playhouse pic

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  1. I wish you could have taken pictures inside of the Ford house! The playhouse looked like so much fun for a little girl!