Monday, February 29, 2016

Figuring Out What I have

For many years I've carried a "wish list", either in my mind or on an excel spreadsheet that I've emailed to myself and downloaded to my phone. For a while my wish list worked great, but recently, I started second guessing myself and "thinking" I knew better than what I had in front of me, plain as day on the list, I'd go ahead a buy the item or items, only to get home and see that I really did have that particular pattern in that exact size.

So, for the couple of days that we were snowbound and off work, I decided to to an inventory spreadsheet of everything that I have. I've gotten through the vintage Fiesta, the P86 Fiesta, the Fire King, Federal, Vintage linens (tablecloths, aprons, hankies, feed sacks, and quilts), the miscellaneous vintage kitchenware, the miscellaneous miscellaneous vintage goodies, the jadeite, and I am just finishing up the Vintage Pyrex.

It was actually kind of fun, even though it was a ton of work! I think it will stop me from ever purchasing something I already have, it helped me to see how much of a hoard collection I really have, and, if something happens to me, I think it will help my guys figure out what they have when they go to sell it.

Considering I've share my collections many times over the years...what do you think I have the most of? Vintage Fiesta/Harlequin/Riviera beat out Vintage Pyrex by quite a few pieces!  I was even surprised! What do you think I have the least of? I grouped Federal, Hazel Atlas and Glasbake into one category and that group is the least by about 90% less than the Fiesta! I even found out that I didn't have something that I thought I'd always had! A vintage Fiesta grill plate (or divided plate) in turquoise. All these years I was searching for the radio-active red color, thinking I only needed that color to complete my collection.

I found that I "need" a #1 vtg Fiesta mixing bowl to complete my last set, but I "found" a spare #5...does that mean I start looking for the other 6  bowls to complete that set, or do I just sit back and relax with what I have? I think I've decided to sit back and relax with what I have. I'm not going to go out of my way or search online for the other mixing bowls, but if I stumble on some at a garage or estate sale, I'll gladly pick them up-as long as they are in my super cheap price range.

I'd LOVE to have a set of the vintage Fiesta comports/compotes, but I won't break the bank or drive myself crazy hunting for them. I think I'm totally done with P86 Fiesta-other than a plum fluted vase, to replace the one I got several years ago online that had an undisclosed hairline (that I didn't find until it was long enough later that it might have looked like I did it and was trying to pull a fast one.)

I found that I have enough quilts and I'm going to try really hard to avoid them at all costs! The same with hankies, half aprons, chenille bedspreads and vintage dish towels. As far as jadeite goes, I'm only waiting for the tiny 5" swirl bowl to show up at a garage sale for $3 (I can dream, can't I?) and then I'm done with jadeite collecting.

For Pyrex, I'm still searching for charcoal snowflake space savers in both sizes, and a few odds and ends pieces in mixing bowl sets and casseroles to finish out what I've started, and then I'm done with Pyrex as well. I would never walk away from any of the rarer Pyrex or promotional Pyrex if I happened to stumble upon it, but I won't go out of my way searching for it.

.I don't think I'll ever get tired of wandering around antique malls, flea markets, festivals, garage sales and estate sales. There is just something about the treasure hunt-never knowing what you'll see, what you'll find and what will come home with you that I absolutely love.

I still need to work on an inventory sheet for all of my vintage amethyst glass items, but that seems so overwhelming to me because nothing has markings, so it will mean a LOT of research and after all of the hours I've already put in to the inventory sheets I've made for everything else, I'm a little burned out right now to tackle such a daunting task.

Have you ever tried an inventory spreadsheet? Were you surprised at what you had or didn't have?? Maybe some day I'll get ambitions and put in a value of what to sell it for, in case I'm no longer here to see that they go for a fair price...right now, I'm too busy enjoying looking at all of my vintage pretties!

Just as an aside, all of my collections are out where I can see them. I don't have anything packed away in boxes or bins, which is pretty amazing to me now that I know how much I really have!!!

Garage sale season is just around the corner!!! I can't wait!!! There are some big fun adventures just waiting to happen! :)


  1. I'd love to know how you have it all out! That is always a challenge with collections. I'm done with lots of my things also, but not my tablecloths or candlestick holders. :)

  2. I still hadn't placed my Pyrex the way I wanted to...and now I have to empty my Dad's place, thank god he had a book inventory! I am pretty done collecting Pyrex. Believe it or not I ma looking for a 503 Butterfly Gold and I can't find that anywhere!!! I am done with The Delphite: I have the cream & sugar, 4 place settings and the milk jug. I loev the thrill of the hunt and the smell of the thrift shop....It's genetic!

    1. Vonlipi, a while ago you couldn't give Butterfly Gold away and now it's selling out. I wonder if it's going to be the next hot pattern?

  3. Bravo to you for doing an inventory!

  4. Good for you for keeping track! I'm not surprised at all to hear that Fiesta is your biggest're so passionate about it (even more than about Pyrex)!

    I wish I had somewhere to display my collections, or even just a bigger part of them. We just don't have any shelf space anywhere, so everything is stored away...I'm not even sure where it all is.

    I hope you never stop hunting or treasure seeking -- I'd miss my shopping buddy!