Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Beautiful Day for an Antiques Festival!

Finally! Spring is here, and so are the sales! Today was the first Davisburg Antiques Festival of the season, and it was a wonderful day! I've attended this festival since the very first one, and every time I've gone, I've come home chilled to the bone, soggy from the rain and covered in mud almost up to my knees. This year was chilly and breezy, but no rain and no mud-yay!!!

I'm so glad that Auntie and I have gotten in the habit of getting to these things when they open!! There were cars backed up for miles waiting to get in when we left! It was packed today, a far cry from the first time we went-the very first one in Davisburg.

There were tons more dealers this time around too. I saw a lot of the same dealers that you see at every show, but I also so quite a few new ones. The new dealers seemed so much more friendly than the ones who are always there. I met one dealer today who was so friendly and bubbly, that I wanted to see if there was anything else I could buy from her-- and she gave me a fantastic deal on some tablecloths.

I found a #7 green Fiesta mixing bowl for $50, and since I didn't need it or have room for it, I walked away. I wandered back at the end of our adventure to see if it was still there and to see if the dealer would entertain an offer, but it was gone-wah-wah. It was in excellent condition and I've seen them go for much higher, so someone got a great piece at a great price! I could have bought it for the asking price, since I just received a gift card for that very amount, but my dilemma is space. I have no more room to add in new things, I only have room for finishing up the sets I've already started, and there's not much space for that either!

As always, there was a lot to see, and this time around, a lot of people to weave in and out of. Auntie and I were discussing flea market etiquette, and how some people just don't get it.  Going down aisles side by side with your buddy and your granny cart, blocking everyone else, is so not cool. Stopping abruptly when in a heavily congested area is so not cool. At one point I almost ended up lip to lip with one woman today. I was standing at a table looking at some things and I turned my head to the right to scan the rest of the booth and when I turned back to look to the left, her face was just an inch or two away from mine!

I was surprised at the number of dogs this year as well. I felt bad for the dogs. There were so many people and it was so congested, I bet those pooches got stepped on a time or two today. Poor babies! I think I saw more granny carts today than I've ever seen! I saw some pretty fun liner bags too-one was made out of old blue jeans!

It was a fun adventure, and I'm happy to have had decent weather, and a good friend to wander around with!!

Here are some pics of what I saw today:

What catches your eye in this pic? For me, it was the too cute bowling shoes! Too bad they were two lefts and not a real pair!

Be still my heart! Finally, in person, a Partridge Family lunch box!!! I had this lunchbox when I was in elementary school, and I loved, loved, loved it! It was a little too rusty and a little too pricey for me, but I loved seeing it!!!

Kris, take a look at the little red bike...isn't that the same bike you gave me when you out-grew it??

Would you have walked away? Should I have gotten it? I could have gone either way, so I guess that means I didn't really need it-right?

 You never know what you'll find...

LOVED this!!!

Fell in love with this cabinet!

This booth had the friendliest dealer in the whole place! She was a gem, and she had awesome prices!!!

Look into the picture...see the Pyrex? Fun to see and look at, but not at take it home prices.

Have you ever seen these little aluminum containers before? I haven't! LOVE them!!

Bozo the clown, makes me think of my cousin, he LOVED Bozo like crazy when he was little.

Every time I see old beer boxes it brings me back to camping when I was a kid, and reminds me of the one my mom painted all black and then painted my name in big pink letters on what became my camping "suitcase". It was a clever idea, repurposing at its finest! Easy to pack, carry and store-what more could you ask for!?!?

Sometimes things are just too bright...I love the piece, but not so much the color.

First time ever seeing one in person! $500 for the entire set!

 There was also a small car show at the far end of the festival, and the first car I saw was a vintage blue Gremlin. Whenever I see a blue gremlin, my heart kind of shudders in my chest. It reminds me of the Oakland County child killer from my growing up years. It sounds crazy and far fetched, but it was a real guy, kidnapping older elementary kids and killing them. About that same time, as we were told to keep and eye out and run like crazy if you ever saw a blue gremlin, there was a guy in a big grayish black car that approached me and my friend as we were walking to school one winter day. He was asking me how to get to the Milford Dairy Queen. I walked up to his car, because he was friendly and seemed nice, and he wasn't in a blue gremlin. I talked to him through his rolled down passenger window. I gave him directions to the DQ that I'd forgotten was closed for the winter, and when he offered to buy me some ice cream if I'd just ride along with him and "show" him how to get there-he'd even talk to my teacher for me and make her see that it was all right and I wouldn't get in trouble... I had my hand on the handle, ready to jump in. When God intervened with the ringing of the school bell, and my friend Brian grabbing me and telling me we weren't going to be late again, or we'd get detention. He literally drug me away from who knows what kind of misery...I can only imagine.

By the time I got to school, I was angry and pouty, and when my teacher asked why I was upset, I told her I was mad because I could have had ice cream instead of having to take a test, then she listened while I spilled the whole story. Immediately, she called the principal and immediately the principal called the police. For several weeks after, the school had several stranger awareness classes and assemblies. At the time, I had no idea how close I came to possibly being another lifeless victim found abused and discarded. Now, when I think about it, I get all jelly-like inside, and I think about how close I came. I can't thank God enough for His protection that day, in the form of my friend, fellow trouble maker, dawdler and neighbor Brian. I hope that I am living a life worthy and honoring of God, for Him sparing me that day.
Part of me thinks there should never be a blue Gremlin in any car show...but then I think some more, and realize it was a long time ago, and many people wouldn't even give it a second glance because unless they lived in Oakland County or a surrounding county, they probably have never heard of this terrible time in Michigan history.

Thankfully, there were other cars there to look at and take my mind off of that day so long ago. Here are a couple that I loved to see.

This is my haul for the day...more $4 or less each-YES PLEASE!! Especially when I saw other booths selling come that were faded and well worn for $17-$37 each! I think I got a great deal...and you know, I needed them because I don't have any (wink, wink).

Two hankies to add to my collection too!

Here's the stack!

Now I have just enough time to get caught up on the laundry before I have to head out to volleyball! Only 3 more Saturdays after today, and it's over for the summer. My Monday league ended this week and next week is the playoff night for my Wednesday league. Whatever will I do with all of my free time?!?!

I hope you're having a great weekend! I hope you have a great summer filled with LOTS of laughter, love and great memories!!

Happy Hunting friends!

P.S.  Next weekend, Auntie and I are hitting the trail...the yard sale trail in the form of the M15 Sale! Last year was her first year joining me and she's already excited about going again!!! That's the sale where I got the white corner cupboard and the yellow #7 Fiesta mixing bowl (that Mr hid and wrapped for me for Christmas this year). I'm excited to be hitting the sales again!!


  1. I didn't see those aluminum containers or I would have BOUGHT THEM ALL! I love them, too, and will start hunting for them.

    We had great fun today and I'm looking forward to the yard sale trail next weekend.

    Always fun to go junking with you, girlfriend!

  2. I had a blue gremlin at the time the Oakland County killings were going on and moved with my parents to Farmington Hills. Wasn't too long before the police were knocking on the door125 because the neighbors got suspicious! Such a terrible time in Michigan history for sure!

    1. It was a terrible time! Did you keep your Gremlin after that?

  3. I'm hyperventilating over your gorgeous tablecloths! Wow, what a great show, wish we had something like it. The big fiesta bowl is great, but yours will come to you another day. :)

    1. I'm wishing I would have grabbed it when I saw it! Here's hoping I find one even cheaper this summer!! :)

  4. Wow! Did you get the "1953" handkerchief? Would you be willing to sell? That's my birth year! email me:

    1. Hi Charlotte, I'm not quite ready to sell it. I got it for my collection, but if I ever do decide to sell it, I'll look you up through this blog post! :)

  5. Did they ever catch the person in the blue Gremlin? Gosh, I hope so.

    When I was a kid, I had a beer case, too. I believe it was my aunt who had some relationship to the packing plant. Ours were turned inside out before they were stapled so they were plain on the outside. My mom put paper, pencils and other things inside. We called them our "work" boxes. I lugged that thing around even though it was so heavy. This was a fun childhood memory.

  6. The Fiesta bowl wasn't meant to be yours this time! Thx for the wonderful photos!

    1. Thanks Mary! I'm having buyers regret for not getting it, but I'm totally out of room!!! :)

  7. Those tablecloths are gorgeous! I especially love the cherries and tulips. Oh, and the $4 price tag isn't so bad either :-)

    1. I couldn't walk away from the tablecloths, especially at those prices...even though I have more than I could ever use! It's a sickness-LOL! :) I know you understand though! ;)