Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Quick Surprise Trip!

On Saturday, while I was talking with my youngest, I learned that he was planning a trip to my parent's house to pick up a little fishing boat that my Dad was giving him. With a couple of quick texts, I was able to get my shift covered and get the time off approved!

We didn't tell my parents that I was coming. We wanted to surprise them. We loaded up his van and grabbed Lucy and headed out Sunday morning. We switched driving about half-way and I told him to text them to see if they'd meet "him" in Mackinac City at Scalawags for lunch. My mom texted back that they would, and was laughing at how mad "mom" (meaning me) was going to be because she knows I love that place.

We got there ahead of them by about a half hour, so we shopped and wandered until they texted him that they arrived. I let him go on ahead, and very slowly, I made my way to the restaurant. I saw them in line to order, so I grabbed an outside table, and sat down. About a minute later, my Mom came flying out the door-the gig was up! He had to tell them why he wanted to order 2 lunches and not just one!

They were both totally surprised and we had a ton of fun! We went kayaking on their lake and took a couple of pontoon rides around the lake and over to the sand dunes. Lucy was having a blast running through the sand, she even braved the cold water for a swim!

On Monday, we drove to Pictured Rocks with the kayaks in the back of the truck and launched at Miner's Beach. What a beautiful experience! I only wish my carpal tunnel hadn't acted up so I could paddle more! I got a few good shots with my phone and enjoyed the sun on the beach (it was 85 degrees!) while Eric and Mom paddled around more.

It couldn't have been any nicer! Here are some pics from our trip...


Oriole at the humming bird feeder


Loving the pontoon boat ride

Fun in the sand!

Eagles nest...doesn't look like anyone is living there this year

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