Friday, August 5, 2016

She Said YESSS!

Last weekend was a big weekend for my family! My oldest son got engaged! He and his girlfriend, his best friend along with his fiance went north to the U.P. to my parent's house for the weekend. They had a fun time and they ended the weekend after dark on Sunday, with the bended knee, bright lights, chandelier in the trees proposal.

I wasn't allowed to go for the weekend, and while it was sad for me to not be there, I think it was the best thing. I would have had a hard time keeping the secret. I would have had to spend the entire weekend not making eye contact with her! (smile)

We've had quite a year this past year. He met her, moved out on his own, graduated college, got is first post-college job, and he got engaged. My mind is still trying to catch up to all the changes!!!

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