Saturday, December 10, 2016

Two Quick Spur of the Moment Adventures!

Yesterday after I got done with the pups pre-surgery blood work, I sent Auntie a text to see if she felt like a spur of the moment adventure. Luckily, she was just finishing up an appointment and was free for the rest of the afternoon-so off we went!

We went to Town Peddler in Livonia and Town and Country Antiques. We had a fun time, laughing and catching up while we wandered around hunting for treasures. I found my last space saver, and Auntie found a bunch of vintage Christmas.

I've never seen a Holiday Inn Little People hotel!! Have you??

This beauty came home with me from Town Peddler

 The pups still love hanging out under the tree

Today, my oldest and his fiance came over-all the way from Grand Rapids. When they got here, I asked my soon-to-be DIL if she would run with me real quick to an antique shop, and as polite as she is she agreed, even though it's not her thing.

Mr and my oldest also "decided to tag along". We talked and laughed as we drove. She thought we were going to look at antiques until we pulled into the parking lot for Bronner's! She was very much surprised and very happy!

It was crazy getting there, bumper to bumper for a mile on the freeway until the exit and bumper to bumper all the way in. We lucked out and got a parking spot without a lot of lurking. Inside was a zoo! There were so many people in there, you could hardly move! We quickly found the "engaged" ornaments, and the tree toppers and got out!

We stopped for a quick drive-thru lunch because we needed to hurry up and get closer to home because Mr was just about to start his "on call" shift. The roads were terrible! We saw 4 accidents, a spin out shortly after it happened (the car was in the median), and then we saw a northbound giant pick-up truck slide and spin, as we passed southbound. It was very scary! I think it shook all of us up. Thankfully, the guy only hit the guard rail and not other cars!

For the last half hour of our trip, the road was glazed and slippery! As we got within about 5 miles of our exit, Mr got the call...he needed to head to work. Thankfully, once we got off the freeway it was dry and smooth sailing. We got home super fast and he took off for work. Son #1 and his fiance took of too, because the weather radar was showing a mini snowpocalypse between our house and Grand Rapids.

I got the text from Mr, that he made it to work, I'm still waiting for the "made it" text from the kids. Shortly after they left, it really started coming down. I was hoping for more time with them, but totally understand them leaving when they did.

Next year, I'll have to plan much further ahead for our trip to Frankemuth!

Tomorrow I'll probably be busy with cookies...only making one kind this year. Are you making cookies? What kinds do you make?

 I only took a few pics, it was too crowded to stop to snap, and it was hard to not get tons of people in them.

Getting it personalized for free

This is it before the personalized names and date

It was a fun, quick and crazy trip! I'm glad we got home safely, and I'm glad I'm not driving anymore!! I'll be able to relax when Mr gets home and when I get the "made it" text.

I hope you're having a great weekend!!

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  1. I'm amazed that you managed to get any pictures at Bronners without a few strangers in front of the merchandise!

    I have a Barbie Dream House just like the one in your picture...I splurged on it a couple of years ago, but it's the same one I had when I was a kid. Funny how we were all fine with slot-and-tab cardboard furniture!