Sunday, November 26, 2017

Busy Fall...Murder Mystery FUN!

I was hoping Fall would slow down and not be as hectic as summer was, but it's almost over and don't know where it went! We did have a LOT of fun though. We hosted a murder mystery dinner potluck that had everyone laughing for a long time! If you've never done one, you should try it! Everyone who came to ours made it fun by dressing up and getting in to character.

See if you can guess who everyone was!

 Aging Biff from back to the future

 Poison Ivy

 Cat Woman

 The cutest Wicked Witch of the West-ever!

 Queen of Hearts and Cat Woman

 Darth Vader

 Dr. Horrible and Poison Ivy with their fur baby Mia

 Professor Moriarty

 Dr Horribile

 Curella DeVille


 Captain Barbossa

 Everyone reading their script for the first time

Then Mr turned the BIG 5-0, so I had a little surprise party for him with just family after church. It was short but sweet and he loved that everyone took time out of their busy day to bless him.

Here's a stained glass piece my mom made for him, he's a Navy veteran, and he LOVED it!!

I took a sign painting class with my cousin that was a ton of fun! We paid careful attention to the techniques and we are about to host a cousins sign painting class soon!

I've got the boards ready to paint! We just all need to decide on a date!

I'm still busy at work with our new database project. Slowly but surely, we are rolling it out in tiny pieces to our church ministries to start using. Some groups are very eager and willing to jump in and go for it, some groups are open-minded and willing to try it, and some are flat out digging their heels in and fighting it. Today I had to do a small training after church for our Children's Ministry Director and Coordinators. They are going to start the check-in process on Wednesday night, so I'll have to be there to help them make sure it runs smoothly. As much as I've enjoyed this project, I will be glad to be back to my normal hours.

We had two Thanksgivings. One on the actual day with Mr's family, and one the day after with our kids (both boys had to work on Thursday) and my parents (who surprised us when they walked in the door!). Then on Saturday I went to my cousin's for Cousin's Cookie Day. I was a slacker this year, I couldn't manage to make my 6 dozen cookies to exchange (along with two back to back dinners), I still went for the fun, and had a blast!

We had tons of food! I planned it that way so I'd only have to cook once but have enough for both dinners. That all came to a screeching halt on Friday morning! I went to the fridge for something and noticed a strange bag on top. I couldn't really see it, so I felt it and couldn't decide what it was, so I grabbed it and brought it down to have a look. UGH!!! It was a full gallon size bag of sliced turkey! When my son got home from work on Thursday, he pulled the bag of turkey out to make room for something and forgot to put it back!!!

We had another dinner to serve 6 hours later and no turkey! All that good food, wasted! I was sick. He felt so bad!! He went to the store and got a freezer to table in 4 hours turkey-it cooks in a bag and it actually worked! It wasn't the same as the turkey I seasoned and cooked on our grill, but it saved the day!
Here's the bag that had to be tossed!

Family time is important, even if you don't see eye to eye with each other. I know I heard some comments and conversations that caused me to raise my eyebrows, and even abruptly change the subject a few times, but they are still family. People who have been in a major role in your life, who have had a part in shaping the you that you have become. No matter how busy life gets, always take time to connect with family!

Now it is on to decorating for Christmas, Baking and more family time! Starting next Friday, we will be hosting an every-other Friday night Game Night for family and friends. Who ever shows up will hang out and play games. I'm really looking forward to the laughs and fun we'll all be sharing.

For those of you who've asked, I'm still going to PT for my lower back and neck. I had an MRI last Monday that showed some stenosis, a couple of bulging discs and some compression (probably from the fall while playing sand vball) hopefully that will be enough to get me some more PT visits, to get everything back to normal and so that I can sit for more than 30 minutes without feeling like I need to scream! Playing volleyball and keeping moving actually makes it feel better, but having a sit-down job doesn't.

I'm hoping to catch back up with Auntie and hit some of our favorite spots soon! We are long over-due for a good treasure hunt!!

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