Saturday, April 21, 2018

Moscato Madness!

Sometimes there are other treasures in life besides vintage goodies. I've been treasuring time spent with family and friends, as well as trying new things. This post doesn't have anything vintage in it, but it does have reviews on a few brands of Moscato-that were shared while spending time with family.

I'm not a big drinker. I didn't drink much in my younger years, and I've never developed a taste for wine or beer. I do like an occasional mixed drink (fruity and light types). My youngest has my adventurous spirit, and he is always looking to try something new. Since he turned 21, (h'e's 24 today!) we've tried several different things, mostly things that sounded good, but were either too complicated to make, or just blecch when you actually tasted it. 

A couple of months ago, while out for dinner to celebrate my birthday, my DIL suggested I try Moscato. I wasn't expecting to like it, but I was very pleasantly surprised! I forgot to ask what brand the restaurant served, so I've been on a quest since the end of January to find the best Moscato.

Every time I get groceries, or am in a new store that sells wine, I've been scouring the wine section for new variteies of Moscato. I picked up several over the past few months, tried a couple, and last night my DIL and a couple of cousins and I decided to try some more of them.

We started the evening with chicken Fajitas, salad and Nachos. Then we played some games and just hung out. It was so much fun! We tried a few bottles throughout the evening and here is what we decided.

This is what we started with...then we set aside the brands that some of us had tried before. Don't worry, we didn't drink all of this!! Not even half!

These were the best, in order...

This one was tried a month or so ago and gets an honorable mention. Cool bottle!

This was a previous month's bottle and also gets an honorable mention. My mom slumps bottles in her kiln for spoon rests and cheese trays, so I'm saving all the empties for her!

This one came in dead last in our taste test. After one sip, everyone dumped theirs out. It had a woodsy taste to it, almost like the inside of a wooden barrel, and seemed to have a "thick" feel to it. We were looking for something light and sweet. I'm sure it is a perfectly good wine, but it was just not what we were looking for.

This was light and sweet. Someone mentioned that it was similar to a sparkling grape juice.

This is a winner.

This was also a winner!

We didn't try this one last night because it was one of the brands that had been tried by at least one person in our group before and was ranked as ok.

This one is from Aldi, and is a great bargain for $2.89, it is light and lightly sweet. We didn't try it last night because all but one of us had tried it before.

A couple of us had tried this brand before, so we skipped taste testing it last night. It is saved for next time.

We didn't get to this one, it is saved for next time.

I should just call the restaurant that we went to for my birthday dinner and ask what brand of Moscato they sell, but girl's nights out every once in a while seems like more fun! 😉😉

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  1. Thank you for your Moscato suggestions. I have tried a couple of brands but not all of them are available in Quebec.