Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Disappointing Ebay Experience...

I was bidding on an item on Ebay and was the high bidder-no other bids, and today I got an email that the listing was canceled. When I clicked on the link to find out why, there was no reason given and I saw that the item was re-listed and the starting bid was $9 higher than the old starting bid.

I contacted Ebay's live chat and was told that a seller can cancel a listing at any time, for any reason and they can refuse to sell to a buyer at any time for any reason. He suggested that I contact the seller to ask why it was canceled. He said the seller must give a reason. I did send a question to the seller, but don't expect a response. The live chat person ended our conversation while I was still typing-nice huh?

I am really disappointed! I know I won't EVER shop that seller again even if they are giving their items away for FREE!  I think that was dishonest and the seller just was afraid they'd have to sell it to me for that price, so they canceled it and re-listed it at a higher price.

Maybe time to take a break from Ebay for a while...

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  1. I think I'd be tempted to do these two things if I was in your position:
    Call or email Ebay's customer service people and let them know that the live chat person disconnected you before you were done and also that you are putting up blog posts about it. Ebay is finding competition now from other internet sites like Etsy and can't afford (doesn't want) the bad publicity.

    The other thing I'd do is post that seller's Ebay name on your blog! (I'd probably send them another message first letting them know how mad I was and that I was going to blog about their rotten actions -- just to give them a chance to make it right)!