Friday, March 14, 2014

An Interesting Week!

This week, we had 55 degrees on Monday, a major snow storm Tuesday night (starting with rain then freezing rain) into most of Wednesday that dumped another 7+ inches on us on top of ice from the night before. Today it got back up to 50!

Yesterday after work I got a phone call from the place where my booth is. They have rented my booth and want me to leave before my 60 days notice (that they required) is up. They want the new person to move in April 1. YIKES! That meant a LOT of scrambling for me to try to line up vehicles, clear some stuff out of the booth and have a blast sale of 50% off everything I left behind.

My junkin buddy Auntie from Kitschy Vintage met me at my booth and helped me decide what to take home and what to leave. I loaded up 3 bins and the whole back end of my car! I gave her a corner cabinet, so now, hopefully everything else will sell, (other than the two items marked NFS) so that on the 30th of March, all that we'll have to load will be 3 shelving units and an oak table.

It's amazing to see how much stuff you an cram into an 8x10 booth and how much you can sell in three year's time! I think sales will be picking up for local antique malls now that the weather is being nicer. I've already sold a dozen vintage hankies this month, and that is always a sign of good sales to come in my book!

I'm anxious to go online later tonight to check my sales to see what went out of the booth after I left. There was one guy very seriously checking stuff out for a while in there! I hope he is a shopper and not just the new renter!

I still haven't unloaded my car. It is sitting filled up with junk treasures. I just can't make myself haul it all in! I should probably get it done so I don't have to drive around like the Beverly Hillbillies though!

While I had an absolute BLAST with the booth, it is time to move on to bigger and better things. The phone call yesterday kind of caught me off guard, but it was just another confirmation/answer to my prayers for what I should do. No regrets-just relief!

I've got my eye on a couple of flea markets/sales that have a great mix of items for sale this summer, and there is always the possibility of a giant sale at my house. With three acres, I could spread it out all over the yard and make my own flea market!!


  1. I've always loved seeing that painting you have on the back wall

  2. 'm surprised that they aren't honoring your lease...I would need that time to pack up like you are doing!