Friday, March 28, 2014

Is the Gooseberry Drought Ending??

What do you do when you've had a really bad week? I like to wander around junk stores and antique shops, so that is what I did today. It didn't make all the bad stuff go away, but it did take my mind off of it for a while-which was desperately needed.

I went to my booth for one last straightening, organizing/price reducing trip. I was shocked to walk in to it and see how empty it is! I know I've sold a lot this month-50% off is a good motivator for people to buy! I just wasn't prepared for how bare it looked.

I spent about an hour there, I shopped after I was done. I saw three ladies who were acting suspiciously-I think I walked up on one of them as she was shoving something into her bag, but I couldn't prove it. I told an employee what I saw, and stressed that I didn't see her take anything, but she was standing up against the back of a cabinet in a booth, really tight to the cabinet when I walked within 2 feet to throw some stuff in the trash. It was obvious that I startled her and her friends. I hope she wasn't taking anything-I hope it was all innocent, but you never know.

My next stop was the Maple Street Mall in Mason. The pink Butterprint casserole dishes were still there. They are pretty rare and hard to find, but for $29 & $39, and how small they are...they might be there for a while yet. I enjoyed my visit, but didn't find anything that had to come home with me.

I stopped at the Columbia Street Mall next. The same guy was working the front desk that was working it when I visited last time. He was so kind and friendly-he made me feel like we were old friends. I plan to keep both of these malls on my must visit list, and hope to visit them a few times over the summer.

The next stop was Mega Mall. I picked up my mom's Mother's Day present, and birthday present, along with a little gooseberry Pyrex casserole, a Fiesta ornament and a green handled vintage rolling pin. Most of the booths were having sales, so it was fun to hunt for treasures and have the possibility of a discount!

After Mega Mall, I went to The Little Red Schoolhouse. I found some Meyercord decals (I think I'm going to use the flower decal for the light green tray I bought at Ikea), a turquoise Pyrex mini fridgie, and a scarlet Fiesta juice tumbler. Everything was super cheap, and I was thrilled to find it all!

Sunday is my last day as a booth renter. It's kind of bitter-sweet. I'm glad I tried it 3 years ago. I had a blast doing it, but I'm glad to be done with it. Both Mega Mall and The Little Red Schoolhouse have summer flea markets that I'm considering as other options for selling stuff. I'll have to wait and see how some of the junk from this week shakes out before I can make a decision about them. I think it would be a really fun adventure selling at a flea market...well see!

I picked up a vintage yellow Fiesta casserole with lid for less than $20 this week online-it is beautiful! I guess all the other Fiesta fanatic either already have one, or they were sleeping! I can't believe I got it, and got it so cheap!! All I need now is the ivory casserole, and a red casserole lid and my set will be complete.

This is what my booth looked like when I left today:

These are my finds for today-it was a good day! I'm hoping today marks the beginning of finding Gooseberry Pyrex all over the place! I hope the Gooseberry Pyrex drought is finally over!!

I'm thinking of using the flower decal in the middle of this tray-what do you think?

Here is how the Fiesta casserole arrived the other day:

I was thrilled to find it very well protected and not a bit of damage-whew!


  1. I found some Gooseberry at Goodwill the other day so maybe the drought is ending! It is definitely getting to be one of the harder patterns to find in person. A couple of months ago, I found a Fiesta casserole just like that at a thrift store in Washington. Only difference being that it's enamel. I bought it because it was turquoise. I don't think it's old though. And as for the Pink Butterprint? I don't have to tell you how rare those are and those prices are actually really, really good. But I still hope you can get them for cheaper :-)


  2. I hope the Gooseberry drought is ending because I regret selling all of it that I found and now I can't find ANY! You got great stuff on your retail-therapy day!

  3. I hope the Gooseberry drought is ending because I regret selling all of it that I found in the past and now I can't find any. You found great stuff on your retail-therapy day!