Friday, April 4, 2014

No More Booth...New Treasures

Last Sunday was my last day as a booth renter. I'm actually surprised at how "done" I am with it. I wasn't even upset when I went back to pick up my last check a couple of days ago and saw the new renter had painted it hot pink and moved in. I had zero pangs of "hey that's my booth", or "I wish I would have stayed"-nothing like that at all!

I am looking forward to the warmer weather and some exciting opportunities that I've found as an outlet to sell my junk treasures. It's all in pencil right now as I also try to figure out some life hiccups as well.

Today is a gloomy, misty, foggy day-a perfect day to just stay home, gather some thoughts, and have some down time. I've been running here and there all week and it's nice to have nothing on my agenda. After moving the giant display cases out of my booth and wrestling them into my car on Sunday, my back is appreciating the rest too!

The past couple of weeks, I've found a few things that were on my wish list, but haven't had time to share them. My parents made it back from their spring trip south, and just last night, I took a free class at a local library on Hydrangeas-I even got a free hydrangea from the free class!

Here is my old booth, all cleaned out and ready for a new adventure with someone new. The new renter painted the back upper wall hot pink and used lettering on the black part just like I did.

I finally got the last piece to this set!

All of the Fiesta collectors out there must have been sleeping to let this beauty go for just $17!

Here is my free Hydrangea from the free class at the library. I think I want to put a bunch of Hydrangeas in the front beds that my guys cleared out last year. I had no idea how many varieties or sizes there are of Hydrangeas. 

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. New adventures are always exciting but finding that last piece of Pyrex you need to complete a set is the best feeling of all!!

    Have a great weekend~


  2. On to the next's sure to be exciting!

  3. Good luck in you new ventures! I wish I was able to get a booth near where I live.

    Happy thrifting!!!

  4. I hear that the color of hydrangeas depends on the soil. Is that true? Have fun in your next endeavor. I'm in and out all the time. I only have a small corner and as crazy as it seems I do great in the Fall and nothing much the rest of the year.