Thursday, April 24, 2014

Garage Sale Season Has Officially Started!!

I decided to skip the malls and shops today and try my luck at some garage sales since there were so many out there. I probably should have stuck with the original plan. I was thinking that since it was the beginning of the season, that there might be a lot of good junk treasures to be found. I did see quite a few things that were things that I like, but the prices were wayy too high. I've seen some of the items I found today in antique malls for less than they were at the garage sales!

With a lot of shows out there showing hunting, picking and collecting, are people convincing themselves that everything they have is their gold mine? I hope not! I love going to the sales for the hunt as well as the prices.

I only picked up a rolling pin, at a church rummage sale and a vintage dishtowel at a barn sale. All in all, I visited two sub sales, 3 individual garage sales, two barn sales, and a consignment store. It got up to 55 degrees, but the wind was still chilly, I got several disapproving looks from older people because I was wearing capri pants. Some people were wearing winter coats!!

Next weekend is a very busy weekend for sales. There are so many sales-good sales, that I'm trying to figure out how I can visit them all!! Starting on Thursday, May 1, is the South Lyon Community Wide Yard Sale. I LOVE this sale! I usually run into my elderly cousin somewhere along the route. She is almost 93 and looks and acts like she is 73!

Then the M-15 Sale starts on the 2nd-that is ALWAYS a fun sale! Lots of driving, lots to look at, great treasures and usually great prices. The 3rd is the very first Antiques Festival in Davisburg at Springfield Oaks County Park. It won't be impossible to visit all three, just very exhausting!

We'll see how next week goes. After being on vacation for a week, I'm sure there will be LOTS of catch-up to do at work, so I may not have enough energy at the end of the week for treasure hunting! I'm glad I'm on vacation this week, I've heard that the people in my department are all getting sick with a stomach bug.


  1. I love it at this time of year, I'm from the UK so we mostly have car boot sales and jumble sales. There's nothing I love more than having a good rummage!
    Hope you find lot's of great things next

  2. It feels like garage sale season is just picking up for me too. The last two weekends were really good, despite it being Easter. I'm really looking forward to the weekend of buying.