Friday, April 18, 2014

To throw away, upcycle or repair...that is the question

A few days ago I posted about a package that arrived broken. I was and still am sad because it was a bowl that I've been hunting for for a very long time. I was giddy when I found out I won the online auction and was very anxiously waiting for it to arrive.

You know the rest of the story, it wasn't wrapped well, and it didn't survive shipping. The seller very quickly refunded the full amount, but I still didn't have the bowl...until, my clever junkin buddy Auntie asked me why didn't I glue it back together and use it as a placeholder until I get another one!

What a great idea! I couldn't handle throwing it away, and had been trying to come up with a creative way to use it, either as a mosaic, or yard art of some sort. I LOVED the idea of putting it together as a placeholder.

It's not the best glue job, but it is holding. There are a couple of chunks that are missing-those pieces were pulverized at the bottom of the box and there was no way to glue the glass dust into anything resembling the hole that they came from.

I think it will be fine as a placeholder--as long as nobody gets too close!

Here it is before:
Here it is after:

Not perfect, see the chunk missing out of the top rim? All the cracks are visible, but from a distance...


  1. I think it looks great! Once it's in with the others that you already have (or will get) no one will notice.

  2. What a shame --- it is so cute. The same thing happened to a friend's eBay auction win of the Fire King tulip bowl. It was in many pieces when it arrived. You did a fine job piecing it back together.

    1. Thanks! Up close it doesn't look so fine, but as a placeholder-it works!!