Saturday, December 13, 2014

What a Week!

I survived my first week back at work, barely, but I survived. My first day back there was a funeral for a sweet friend's husband, who 8 weeks ago found out he had stage 4 cancer with basically no symptoms before the pain that sent him to the doctor. Everyone was touched by their life story and the kind, loving and giving man that he was. I never really knew him, other than passing in the hallways at church. His wife is a sweet, vivacious friend, that I've known for at least a decade.

Tuesday was a regular Tuesday, except we noticed our refrigerator seemed to not be cooling very well. Mr's ice cream was a little too soft. So we pulled everything out and put it into coolers and in the sunroom. Without the heat on, that room usually only gets a few degrees warmer that the outdoor temperature. Good thing this happened at this time of year rather than July!

 Wednesday we had a very emotional staff meeting/Bible study (more tears) and a  big event in the building that evening causing everyone in my area to be running in high gear.  During my lunch break on Wednesday, I went with a friend from work to her uncle's house to notarize paperwork for advance directives-he is in his last days, and he wanted to get everything in line for his family. He is such a sweet man, and his entire family, though I never met them before, were so sweet and kind. I know he's lived a long life and knows the Lord, but it still touches your heart to know he won't be here much longer.

Later that evening I went and watched my team play in the playoffs. We had three subs! One girl sat with me and watched because she injured her knee, another was in Hawaii and me-still recovering. They won three out of five matches and we finished in third place for this season. The next season starts as soon as school is back in session and runs through the end of April. I can't wait to get back to playing! We all went to dinner after the game to hang out one last time and had a fun time blabbing and catching up.

Thursday was the first day a repair person could make it to look at our fridge, and it wasn't good news. Our fridge that was brand new less than 3 years ago, is not repairable. We could have put $1100 into it, but the repairman said he would be back in a couple of months to do it again, because it was a design flaw in this particular model. So after work on Thursday, my oldest and I visited 5 places looking for our next fridge.

Thursday I also found out that I forgot to schedule our online payment of our credit card-I went through the process the week before, but must have forgot to click submit, because it was late! The suit that I hunted down for days and eventually had to order for my youngest for my nephew's wedding next Saturday came and the pants were too small!! I ended up having a mini meltdown/ pity party. I'm claiming an emotional week, just getting back from surgery (being less back to normal internally that I thought), and a hectic time of year-that's my story...and I'm sticking to it! :)

Friday, Mr and I went to three more places and finally found our next fridge at Lowe's-the third one we visited. You'd think they would all carry the same things right? I'm glad we went, because it turns out that they don't always have the same thing-especially when they are running sales. This particular store had 7 of this model in stock and my store (that is 4 miles away), and the next furthest store didn't have any.

Then I find my Nexus 7 tablet has died! I did some online troubleshooting, and tried all kinds of things, and got it to come back to life just long enough to set it up again, and it flickered and went out totally! It is less than 3 years old as well!! This week has been a week and a half!!

So, after that week, last night was spent relaxing with pizza, and vegging out in front of the tv, and a good night's sleep, we are getting ready for the new fridge to be delivered. It's smaller than the one we have now, by about 3 cubic feet (my guys tell me that amounts to 3 gallons of milk), but the design was right and the price was incredible. Plus slowly but surely, our two guys will be graduating college and moving out so we won't need so much fridge space.

Tonight we are going to dinner with Mr's coworkers in downtown Ann Arbor to Metzger's, it's a German restaurant, and we've never been there before. I'm looking forward to having a night out and getting away from the longest week ever!!

I did manage to find a great deal online this week, and it arrived yesterday. I wasn't planning on buying anything for my collection, being this close to Christmas, but it was such a great deal, that I couldn't pass it up! Now, I'm on the hunt for lids!

I hope you've had a better week than I've had, there was a bunch more, small things that added to the craziness of it all and I'm just glad it's over. I'm looking forward to a new week, and my parent's coming in on Friday, and going my nephew's wedding on Saturday!

Here's my deal of the week!

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  1. What a busy week! I would've been very emotionnal and discouraged!