Sunday, March 20, 2016

Friday Fun!

So many stressful things going on with extended family, friends, work, trying to plan a kitchen remodel, trying to plan a get away, you name it! So, when I had a chance to get out by myself and just wander through a few shops on Friday, that's exactly what I did!! It was much needed

There's nothing like a little junk therapy to make the craziness fade away-for a little while at least.

Here are some of the things that I saw:

Less than $30 at Collette's

Looks like repro, not marked as sad.

This looks way too new to me...what do you thnk??

I visited shops in Fenton, Holly and Burton, wandered around and around, enjoyed myself a ton, but didn't find a thing that just had to come live with me! That's ok, the therapy was in the wandering and the looking!

Hope you have a great week!!!


  1. Hi there, I always enjoy reading your updates. I'd love to tag along with you, because I enjoy browsing (for hours) but am no expert. We are probably many hundreds of miles apart, so I'll just go along with you via your posts. :)