Saturday, March 12, 2016

Up and At 'Em Early Today

This morning was the much anticipated, long awaited flea market in Monroe. It's about an hour drive from my house, and it started at 9am. That meant my junking buddy Auntie and I had to meet at 7:45 in order to get there a few minutes before they opened.

We got there early and the time waiting in line to get into the building wasn't any where near as bad as I thought. It wasn't too cold, and we were within the first 6 or so people in the door!

I only managed to snap a picture of the outside sign while we were there, I got caught up in the wave of people, and had to keep moving, so I made it around the building a few times before we left for the smaller building. It wasn't a very good shot, I was too close, but didn't want to lose my place in line! ;)

It was interesting talking to different vendors/dealers, and I got on the email lists of a couple of them, to find out when their next sale would be. True to our normal M.O. when Auntie and I go out treasure hunting together, we blabbed all the way there and all the way back!

We also made a quick stop to check out the antiques at Swan Creek Candles in Dundee, and a little side trip to Knightsbridge in Northville before heading home. The skies were blue, the sun was shining, we had lots to talk about, lots to see, we both found some was a perfect day to end a not so great week. On top of the treasure hunting, my oldest and his gf stopped by for a quick visit, in between a couple's bridal shower for a friend and hanging out with another couple. I seriously don't think my day could have gotten any better!!

When I got home I had a mail surprise...a t-shirt I ordered only a few days ago, and it was here already!

Here are some shots of the things I saw at the shops after the flea market. Click the link above to go to Auntie's blog, she took lots of pics can read her take on what we saw and did!


These are the things that come home with know, because I "needed" more tablecloths!!

These were sold as "Victorian scrapbook cut-outs" I just loved them...they are in a clear sleeve with a sheet of orange paper behind them-they aren't stuck to it. Have you seen anything like it? 

We're off now to play some volleyball! The perfect ending to a GREAT day!!! I hope you are having a great weekend-garage sale season is just around the corner!!! I can't wait!!!


  1. I love the cutouts! I don't think they're Victorian, though -- the bedding doesn't look like the kind they would have used and the drawings of the babies look more like 40s or 50s to me. They're still sweet, though!

  2. Fun t-shirt :) Love the rose flower table cloth. Fun day and nice cutouts.

  3. Love the sweet little play appliances! I found a pink and aqua washing machine the other day. Now I'm on the hunt to find more.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  4. We always need more tablecloths, great finds! Precious cut outs but don't know about them. Great day for the two of you. :)