Saturday, November 19, 2016

Late to the game, but still SCORED!

Yesterday was a slow-starting day. It was slow moving, and not knowing what I was going to do kind of day. I finally left the house around 10:30 just to get out to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine one last time before the cold and snow came today.

I took off in one direction but quickly remembered a local estate sale where I'd seen a Fire King black dots grease jar and a Vintage Fiesta red carafe in their advertising pictures, so I turned around and headed for the sale. It ended up being in an exclusive sub with large golf course homes. I wasn't expecting it to be there, but thought since it was close, I'd give it a go.

I walked in and it was sitting in the same spot it was in in the pictures! Better was only $15!! I snatched it up and looked it over and had a hard time concealing my joy! I found a vintage tablecloth in a new to me design and that concluded my finds at that place. I didn't even go to the basement, I'd seen all the things they had in the pictures they posted online, and was happy enough with my treasures that I paid for them and went happily on my way.

After that, I headed to a couple of local thrift stores, one was brand new-still in it's first week/grand opening time. It was filled with a ton of painted furniture, frames and mason jars. I enjoyed their displays, but I find I'm kind of tired of the paint everything because chalk paint is cool look.

At the next thrift shop I found a painting that I absolutely LOVE! I couldn't believe how cheap it was, and couldn't wait to get it home to display it! Right now, it is hanging over the stairs to the basement, but I'm seriously thinking of moving it to the mantle shelf in my living room. I also found another vintage tablecloth...I wonder how many days of the year I could go through with a different tablecloth on my table from my collection...I don't think I want to know!

Later in the afternoon, I met Auntie and we visited a couple local antique/junk shops for their deer hunter's widow's open houses. Other than a couple of chocolate chip cookies, we walked out empty handed. It was worth a look though, because you never know when you might find your "prince"

Today is my day to catch up on laundry and dusting-fun stuff! We will be playing volleyball later, and that's always fun. I'm cooking for Thanksgiving. We are excited that our oldest and his fiance are coming for most of the day on Thursday. My parents decided they want to spend it at their own house with their friends this year, so it will just be the r 5 of us and that's ok.

Wishing you a nice and cozy Thanksgiving, with yummy food, lots of laughs and memories you'll cherish for many years to come!

Here are my treasures from yesterday...

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