Friday, November 4, 2016

Almost a Month Since My Last Post

It's been almost a month since my last post. A month that was chock-full of living, and not much treasure hunting. Since my last post, we've been battling fleas, and bad service/help from our long-time veterinary clinic.We've also been feeling like we are swimming up-stream with potty training with our newest little poopers. Some days, it feels like we've made the worst mistake of our lives getting them, and other days, it feels like a great fit, and it always feels like we've had them longer than just a little over two months.

We are working hard on the potty training, and I hope to have even better news to report in my next post. As of today, we've switched to a new vet, so hopefully no more shenanigans there. The pups seem happy, and they both seem to be thriving. They are both very smart, and  for the most part, they want to please us, and be with us all the time. Our older girl, Lucy, has taken on a mother-like role with them. It is quite comical to watch her "scold" them when they misbehave.

I've been quite busy this past month with lots of doctor visits, lots of tests, and no real solutions. While it is good to get back negative test results, it is frustrating to not have answers. I'm sure there will be more appointments and more tests, hopefully there will be answers soon.

We went to lunch one Sunday after church with some of my cousins and their husbands. We met at Block Brewing and had a great time laughing and catching up while eating some amazing BBQ. It was so much fun, that we've decided to try to get together the first Sunday of each month for lunch after church.

I spent a couple of hours a couple of weeks back, in a training class for a charity that I am volunteering for. That same day, my parents came into town, so Mom and I spent the afternoon running to her favorite places, Costco, Joann, and Carsons. The next day, she and I were honored to be included in wedding dress shopping with my soon to be daughter-in-law.

It was a fun day, and she said "yes" to her dress! I loved seeing her so happy. She picked a beautiful dress,and she got a great deal on it. It made me happy to see how conscientious she was while she was shopping, trying to keep the cost low for her parent's sake. When it was all said and done, she got the dress of her dreams at a very good price, so everyone was happy. Now to find a dress for me, the mother of the feels so weird to call myself that!

I was invited to lunch at a friend's house. She volunteers to help me at the church. She comes in every Monday to help in the office for a few hours, and every Thursday to restock the student's snack shop. I felt like I should have been the one making lunch for her, for all that she does! She made a fantastic lunch-complete with homemade apple turnovers for dessert!

Last Friday I went with a group of ladies from work to tour the Edsel & Eleanor Ford Mansion (again). I went last year with my youngest son, but didn't mind going again-especially when I got a groupon deal for half the price of regular admission. It was a fun day, too bad the traffic was terrible on the way home! A one hour trip turned into two!!,

Last Saturday, we visited our oldest son's new apartment. He is living in Wyoming, Michigan. Since he's working in Grand Rapids, it cuts his commute time down to only 15 minutes verses the hour and 15 minute commute he had while living in East Lansing. He has a nice place. His complex is on a windy, twisty road that goes through a wooded area. There are several large apartment buildings scattered throughout, but the drive is beautiful, and you don't even notice how many buildings there are. He lives toward the back, and it was very quiet while we were there. We took him and his gf to lunch to a place called Arnie's. They have an onsite bakery and each entree comes with a free cupcake at the end of the meal. We were all impressed and plan to visit there again!

Today was a rare day. No appointments or commitments. The only thing on my agenda for today was to deliver some balloons and a present to my cousin for her birthday. It's a big birthday for her, a milestone birthday. I had planned to deliver everything to her at work, but since it was her big day, she took the day off, so I took it all to her house and hooked it on her front doorknob.

While I was out and about, I decided to stop by a little shop that I haven't visited for a while. It used to be called The Bird Cage, but is now back to its original name "A Touch of Country". New owners took over in January, and while there are still some of the same dealers, they've added new dealers and I was pleasantly surprised today! I also paid a quick visit to the Livingston Antique Outlet. I am happy to say, I found some treasures at both places!!

In between puppy potty breaks and loads of laundry, I am sneaking a few minutes to catch up on my posts, reading my favorite blogs and watching The Crown on Netflix.Have you started watching it??  I'm on episode 2 of 10.

Auntie and I have a big outing planned for tomorrow. I can't wait!! It will be nice to take a break from the craziness of life to just talk, laugh, drive and hunt for treasures!!

Here are some pics of my month...

The ladies at lunch after dress shopping

 Our road after all of the rain and the big trucks hauling dirt for the new subdivision going in across the street. What a mess!!!

Pics from the Ford mansion outing-no pics allowed inside the main house, but I got a few outside shots as well as the playhouse.

From the window of the copy room at work one morning.

Some gorgeous fall colors...

Little Bailey, all 4 pounds of her. She is tiny, but feisty. She keeps the other two pups on their toes. She prances instead of walking, and she's an escape artist, who has stolen my heart! See Lucy in the background...the other love of my heart, always close by.

I saw this idea online for a candy bouquet, except I changed it up a little and used packages of mini candy bars instead of the king size bars for my guys for Sweetest Day. They were a HUGE hit, and very cheap and easy to make.

A local resale shop that had some fun things to look at...

A new resale shop, with all profits going to the schools in that community...

This guy caught my eye since my soon to be DIL is from East Lansing and a HUGE MSU fan. I can't quite understand the $1000 price, but I guess someone will.

Found these at my local Walmart. I picked up two of each, one set for me, one for Auntie. I LOVE that they are using the old design!!

Some things I saw today while treasure hunting...

These are my finds from Touch of Country...The tablecloth is HUGE and still has the Wilendur tag!

These are my finds from LAO...

Here are some pics of fall beauty around our yard...

These are some plates that I bought from the Bulldog thrift...10 of each size/pattern $1 each. Perfect for Christmas dinner-almost as cheap as paper!

Best wishes for a great weekend! Happy Hunting,until we meet again, stay well friends!!


  1. Being to busy with life is a great reason not to post! Beautiful fall pics

  2. Wow, you've had quite a month. Sometimes our lives are just that way. Glad to see some good fun times too. As far as dogs/puppies, I think anyone who has ever had one (or more) thinks what the heck was I thinking? lol. But in the long run, they learn and behave better and win our hearts forever.

    Good to see you Laurie! :)

  3. Is that your house? It is gorgeous and HUGE! Cleaning must be quite the endeavor!

    Great pictures, great post, thanks for sharing this with us ;)