Saturday, January 21, 2017

My Week in Pictures

Here are some pics from last week's quick trip to Collette' many fun things to see!!!

I've never seen one so small, yet tall! It made me smile because it reminded me of my friend Marie as she collects these! Hi Marie!!! Hope you are doing well!! Let me know the next time you are in my area, maybe we can do lunch!!

I am still very much addicted to corner cabinets!

A quick stop at a local resale shop, and I saw these. My oldest and his finace are registering for stemless wine glasses. I don't know if I like them or not...what do you think?

Cookie jars at Collette's...yes, I know the previous pic was out of order, but I'm going to leave it because my whole week was crazy and out of order!

Another resale shop find...a scarlet Fiesta utensil crock. I've found 3 pieces of scarlet and my son found happy pumpkin pieces at this resale shop.

For right now, it will sit on my mantle shelf with my Valentine's display.

This is the clock my oldest and his fiance made for me for Christmas. Unfortunately, it won't keep time. We'll probably have to change out the clock mechanism. How thoughtful that they made me something Fiesta related!

So, I got a text from an unknown number last week. It was actually from a friend from church. Her mother in law (who was 106) recently passed and she had some old furniture that she was wondering if I would like. I don't have room for anything in my house right now, but my oldest's bff and his fiance have had mee keeping an eye out for just this type of furniture for them for a few months! I asked her if I could pass it along to him and she said yes!

I sent him a text and he called me so I could explain the situation to him. Then I sent him the pictures of the chair and couch. He responded that his fiance screamed when she saw them because they were exactly what she wanted!!! AND, the were FREE!! So, I connected him with my friend and he made arrangements to pick the couch and chair up the next day!

I sent my friend a follow-up thank you text and told her I couldn't stop smiling because she made my day...she texted back and said her day was made too!! How cool was that whole thing!?!?

Do you ever have a can or something you  know you bought, but you just can't find it when you need it? I know I bought non-pickled beets for Christmas Eve for our salad, because my mom doesn't like pickled beets. I made sure I had non-pickled beets for her, but could I find them? No! I did find them, eventually, not in time for our dinner, but I had to send her a picture when I found them. Better late than never-right? LOL!

I was at Joann and found this fabric and was thinking of buying some to make curtains for my living room window. Now, if you're Auntie, my Mom or my friend Carla, you'd crack up laughing, because I have a sewing machine, but I don't sew. So, the idea of me "making" curtains is kind of a joke. The material was on sale at $8.99 yd-nnormally $24.99 yd. I decided to go home and see what I could find on Wayfair...I got some I like a lot for a lot less and the best part, I didn't have to have someone help me make them!

I have been craving cinnamon rolls. I tried the refridgerated can type and that was (as always) a HUGE disappointment, so I searched for a recipe to try making them from scratch. It was super easy, and pretty tasty! My youngest ate three right out of the oven!! I want to tweak the recipe a little and try it with more butter and more of a cream cheese frosting the next time I make them.

Tuesday morning we woke up to ice! It was a slippery drive into work-good thing I'm not that far. We live on a dirt road and usually it is next to impossible to get out when the weather is bad in the winter. I was surprised to see the road comission had spread dirt on top of the snow and ice, so we were able to get out. On my way to work as I was pulling up to a stop light, I saw a phone in the road, so I picked it up and posted about it on several local fb group pages. After a few days of no one being able to claim it, I took it to the AT&T store (because it had their logo on the back) and they were going to use the serial number to look up the owner. It was pretty smashed and wouldn't turn on, but it looked like it had a sim card, so I thought maybe the owner would want it back.

This is part of my Christmas present from my parents. They usually give me a Visa gift card and let me have fun shopping for my own treasures. I'm very happy to welcome these beauties to my collection.

So, don't look at this next pic if you are easily grossed out... This is what happens when a certain male puppy steals his boy's gummy bears. Ben (the puppy) doesn't like gummy bears, other than to lick them, get them all puppy slobbered up and spit them out. He usually does this while lying on his bed and then ends up rolling over on them so that they get stuck in his fur. This one was dangling, and very challenging to get off. I'm still shaking my head. This kind of stuff only happens in our house!

Here he is. He's such a sweet boy, and he LOVES his boy (my youngest) to the moon and back. He is so sad when his boy leaves.

This is our first princess. She is 5 years old today!! Happy Birthday Lucy!!!

This is our second, not princess Bailey. She is feisty, and not always so nice to her brother or to Lucy,  she is a little 4 pound stinker. Thankfully, she has a few moments that steal your heart and you forget all about her mischief. Can't you just see the stinker/sassy in her eyes??

My goal by early summer is to declutter and de-stash my house and barn. I have made a big start by pulling everything out of the spare bedroom that I can get rid of and now it is sitting on the table in the sun room, waiting for a price sticker and a bin. That was yesterday's big adventure, pulling junk treasures out from under beds from the closet and shelves to go to the "sell" pile. I even emptied out one of the sections of my buffet.

Today, I'm mopping floors and doing laundry, but tomorrow and next week, I'll start on the basement. Hopefully, some day soon, I'll have Auntie over to crack the whip and make me go back through and thin it out even more. Then I'll need to get to the barn. I don't have much out there, but a friend who downsized has some stuff in there that she has agreed for me to sell it in a garage sale for her, and even though it is now a lot smaller lot than it was, it still will take time to go through.

I've got a couple of lunch dates scheduled for this coming week as well as my parents coming to town for the weekend, so maybe I'll have another week in pictures next week!

Have a great week friends-happy hunting!!!


  1. Stemless wine glasses! Who thought of that!?! Isn't there something wrong about using the heat of your hand to warm the wine and release the bouquet, especially if it is supposed to be a chilled wine? And, while the ones you showed look nice, stems are so much more elegant {if not a little pretentious}? I don't drink wine, and I really have no knowledge about how wine is supposed to be consumed, but I've seen wine tasters on TV. It's funny to watch. Love to see your posts. I wish I could meet you for lunch, too! {and, maybe a little thrifting!}

  2. Will you please share the recipe for the gorgeous cinnamon rolls next post? Love your pet photos! thanks