Monday, January 2, 2017

Time Off From Work = Treasure Hunting & FUN!!

Since I don't have the booth anymore, and my wish list is getting so small, I really haven't been doing a ton of treasure hunting. Nothing like a few years ago, when I was always looking for things to resell. Now, when I go, I have to stick strictly to things on my list because I am running out of room! I am planning to have another garage sale this summer and maybe even rent space at a local flea market again in July, just to try to downsize some more.

Just because I am nearing the end of my collections, doesn't mean that I don't like to still get out and hunt for treasures! No sir-ee! I LOVE the hunt because you never know what you will see or experience along the way.

In the past few weeks, I've visited the Livingston Antique Outlet, Maumee Antiques, Blissfield, Mega Mall and a few local thrift/resale shops. Other things that I've done are included in the pictures below as well

Here are some pics from the hunting and the fun...

a quick, surprise trip to Bronner's in Frankenmuth for an "Engaged" ornament for oldest son and soon to be DIL.

Getting it personalized...

Work Christmas Party at Bavaian Inn in Frankenmuth, 4 days after the surprise ornament run...

Family heirloom recipes!

 Hosted a party for our maintenance team at the church...

Working in a church, I get to see a lot of pretty things-like this hall all set up for a wedding reception at the end of the year.

Maumee, Blissfield-Treasure Hunting!

This little 6" came home to join the family-only need the 8" to complete the set

Ben aka the puppy who loves to sit on the back of couches!

This sign made my youngest and I laugh out loud when we saw it at TJ Maxx...there was some family tension over the holidays over someone making comments to this effect.

A bright and cheery display on my trunk in the living room- I LOVE vintage tablecloths!!

Valentine's display on my mantle shelf.

The last few weeks have been packed full of family, treasure hunting and FUN!! 


  1. My goodness it looks like you had a grand Christmas time! And oh my all those ornaments! Love the pillows but I hate to think of cutting up a tablecloth.

  2. You really have to expand a story about what people are doing with plates on their heads and writing on them!!!

    I'm not a reseller either, so when I go to the thrift/antique/junk stores, I look for stuff I will use in my own house. We moved here just over a year ago, and we are still trying to settle in. We have more space than before, but I promised myself that I didn't have to fill it!

    The garage is a mess. I had a garage sale last spring, so those leftovers are out there and ready to go. Plus, there are boxes of home decor I need to go through to see if it will fit in with our plans for this new house.

    At the very end of last year, we painted a room. Now, there is a list of things we have to do to look like what I had envisioned. The work is never done!

    Best wishes to you in the new year. Fonda