Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Friday in Maumee

Last Friday, Auntie and I headed to Maumee for a quick treasure hunting adventure at the Maumee Antique Mall. We both love this place because it's big, and there are tons of booths that are always well stocked with great things to see and buy and always great prices.

We hadn't been since before my back went crazy in July, so I was super excited to go and super excited to spend some time with Auntie catching up on everything since the holidays. It was a gloomy, rainy day, but pretty mild temperatures for January.

As per our usual, we blabbed all the way there and all the way home! We never lack for things to talk about! We even talked all through lunch! We stopped at a little diner that we have stopped at a few times while in the area. This time, we ordered salads, and I have to say I was not impressed. They are good for burgers and chicken sandwiches but not so much on the salads. I asked for light onions and still pulled off a huge pile of them. Plus in the middle of the salad, hidden beneath the good stuff was the bitter yellow lettuce that no one likes, and some of it was turning brown. I was noticing the uniforms the servers were wearing and they are super tight and super skimpy! Why? I don't get it. They didn't look comfortable at all, and no one looked good wearing it. It didn't enhance the dining experience so I don't get the why.

We usually shop at different paces when we are together, but since my back surgery, I'm moving slower than usual, so we were not too far from each other while we were shopping. I bought a squished (elongated is the correct term, but I prefer squished!) penny from the Toldeo Zoo and a spindle from a stair rail to use this summer with my fan blades to make into a dragonfly!

There were so many fun things to see!! Here are some pics of what we saw.

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