Thursday, January 9, 2020

WAIT! What? You're Kidding Right?!?!

So, after I got home and was recuperating from all the sitting and driving, I was skimming through Facebook and saw a post a fellow Michigan Pyrex collector posted of her recent finds. I comments on how lucky she was to have found the super hard to find Glasbake Measurements green bowl...the third smallest of 4 bowls. The very last one I was looking for to complete my set.

The next morning, I got a PM from her saying she'd sell it to me for $15 if I wanted it, and get this...she was coming to the SA in my town that morning and would bring it if I wanted to meet her!!!

I spend a long time on the phone with my mom that morning and missed her PM for over 2 hours. When I finally saw it I was elated, but afraid I'd missed out. Thankfully, She brought it along and I was able to meet her and buy it!

It isn't perfect, it's faded and has a small chip/crack, but in my china cabinet in the stack, you can't tell! I think I was a complete and total blubbering idiot when I met her because I was so stinking excited and overwhelmed at her generosity!

Dish friends are the best people!!!

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