Sunday, March 7, 2010

Any Suggestions?

My antique, curved glass, oak china cabinet is way over-stuffed! I need to clear some of it out (mostly the really heavy Fiesta so my shelves don't collapse under all the weight!) and I am not sure what I should leave, or how to arrange or display it...anyone have any suggestions? I am O.K. with removing most or all of the Fiesta, and I do have pink and green depression glass or Fostoria American I could put in its place.

I really want to keep the blue pitcher and glass set (it belonged to my grandma on  my dad's side and she is no longer with us). The rest can move or stay.










There are too many possibilities!! I could set it all up with just chartreuse, just plum, no Fiesta, and all depression glass...all amethyst glass...see what I mean!?!?!?

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